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It's disgusting to me how when a Christian is going through a struggle, they want to beg their god for help. I only say that because that is how I was raised as a kid.

All I can think of is the first few chapters of the Volsunga Saga. Sigmunds whole family except his sister was killed. He was supposed to have been killed as well, but How Sigmund lived underground in the woods, taking what he needed, rebuilding his strength and fortune, until one day he emerged and became king again.
Odin is the father of kings and outlaws. They say that the only difference is luck. I don't know. Many men have been both at one time or another. I think it goes back to cycles. Just like the whole world has cycles, the economy has cycles, h20 has cycles...we as humans have cycles as well. Most of these cycles depend on how things in our lives/world/economy are being handled. How we handle the downcycle in our lives determines the direction that the upswing will go.
I feel like the best a man can work for is that for each repetition of the cycles the upswings are higher and the downturns don't go so far down. Either way, both will happen.
I am sure this could have been worded better, but I am not the most eloquent in the world.

Wed Dec 02, 2015 12:44 am
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Sweinodinsson - this was worded well and I understand your meaning. Life is a group of cycles - my philosophy is that from each upturn and each downturn there is a lesson to be learnt (or many) and that is is important for us to ensure that we take those life lessons with us into the next cycle. This is what sets us apart from the Christians. Storm

Wed Dec 02, 2015 2:58 am
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The only difference between outcasts and kings is luck, because both act the same, but are put into different situations and different circumstances.

The biggest struggle a christian has is believing that their god is mad at them for an action, and thus decided to punish them for it.
The biggest struggle people like us have is trying to choose between your head and your tail - that is to say, deciding whether to hold onto something you love dearly, even if it hurts you.

Wed Dec 02, 2015 6:08 am

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I think we put ourselves in situations and circumstances. We all were pretty much the same at the beginning of time. I don't believe in luck. What we do in this life echoes in the next life. I think this life is the result of a past life and the future of the present depends on what we do in the current. We weave our own web.
That used to be hard for me to swallow, because I have put myself in some messed up situations and circumstances, but when I came to this philosophy, it immediately began to improve my life. It's hard to say it is my fault that I am in this and I must find a way to conquer. It is easy to say...this is bad luck or god is mad at me.

Wed Dec 02, 2015 1:33 pm
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Agreed, I also believe that our past actions influence where we are now, as our present actions reflect where we will be in the future - as in, our past lives will influence our future lives. A part of this also is deja vu - the feeling of having been in a situation previously, a conversation or having met someone. All paths cross, there are no infinite conversation topics, you will do what you have done previously in order to do it better in each life - hence, the life lessons. Learn now as it will benefit you in the future. Fail now and it will be another hard lesson to learn in the future.

What sets us apart from those who follow Yahweh, is this realisation and the understanding that our deeds form part of our wyrd - hence we strive for honour, loyalty, truth and knowledge in our lives.


Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:51 pm
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