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Tyr bringing justice forth 
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I will spare the details but recently I have had a family member who is an elder completely turn his back on the greater good of his family. He has something personal against myself. Now I don't know what exactly but I know in my younger years leading up to my current age I was a bit wild and irresponsible. I have tried apologizing and giving truce on multiple occasions if nothing else but to try to bring my family back together as this feud is literally tearing the family apart as members side between the two of us.

I have only found that we as Odinists should respect our kin and elders and hold them sacred. In this case, I can't give anymore respect or help; I am genuinely filled with hatred. The man spits that he is a man of the desert god but hypocritically stomps on the very book he preaches. The blind religion he chooses to embrace fuels the fire as it feels like a war between me and my kin versus him and his ********. He won't even speak to me. He acts like the victim to my family members when I have caught him in a lie. I made many mistakes as a young man and my life has always, always been chaotic. I do now have my feet planted on the ground for once but I receive no commendation. From here where do I go? I do ignore him and allow our family to die here? We would split at this point and my "tribe" would be marginally smaller. Do I continue to pursue a truce even if it means a violent confrontation?
What would Tyr the Lawbringer do in a situation as this? The problem is I never had a true father figure up until my late teen years so I always looked to him.

There's a pivotal point in my family as the old christian members are growing quite old and the new members such as my immediate family are learning the ways of the old. I hate to vent sporadically but I cannot speak to anyone about this except possibly to the gods. I try to tell myself it doesn't bother me but I have been wronged too many times to let this go while he feels and acts superior and invincible.

Tue Dec 15, 2015 8:31 pm

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The beautiful thing about dealing with people who think they are invincible is that it is easy to bait them into doing things. They can't resist going too far when faced with an opponent who seems helpless but defiant.

It's that combination of things. Defiance, mixed with apparent weakness. It's like putting candy in front of a small child. They can't let it be.

However, if you are not skillful at this particular kind of deception, then you will probably do better to take advice from someone else.

I once baited a boss of mine. At my job it is against regulation for our boss to require us to be on call on our day off. We have the right to shut off our phone, and refuse to take any calls. However, if our boss does call us, we do have to go to work even though it is our day off. I put this to the test one day and turned off my phone. My boss was so angry that he came to my apartment and lied to my landlord, claiming he was "concerned for my welfare and needed to see me" to gain access to the gated apartment where I lived and came to my door.

It was wonderful! I had him dead to rights. I spoke with my landlord to make sure he would repeat exactly what my boss had told him, so it would not be my word against his. Then I went to HR and filed a report, but did not ask for disciplinary action. Just told them to keep it on file "in case he escalates".

My boss is very careful not to get embroiled in any kind of conflict with me now. I held my (metaphorical) knife to his jugular once, and I think he knows I can do it again.

Wed Dec 16, 2015 5:29 am

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I like it. Good thinking. I know exactly what buttons to push. I believe I could push some trickery into a complete exploiting overreaction.

Wed Dec 16, 2015 7:42 am
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8-j gives excellent advice. If he's the type of man who's ruled by his emotions tthen that can usually be used against him. If you take that course though you'll need to be careful about how you go about it because of those who'veve already sided with him. The odds are pretty good that they'll continue to see him as the victim.

If you turn to Tyr for justice there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, your actions and behaviour must be above reproach. You must truly be pursuing what is in the best interest of your family. You can't secretly be seeking personal justification or revenge. Second, you must be willing to sacrifice to achieve your goal. You may be asked to set aside your pride or even your reputation.

Before you decide on a course of action I'd recommend that you decide just how important these Christians are. While they may indeed be blood relatives, are they capable of being FAMILY? Are they worth what you may have to sacrifice?

Wed Dec 16, 2015 7:43 am

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Tyrsman, I believe you may have it nipped. Truthfully while my family's best interest seems to be my main priority, at this point I'm out for revenge truly in my heart because I am tired of being made to look like such a fool. I would like to say I am above it and the bigger person but I can't.

You also make a valid point about their religion. Even though they are blood, they worship the desert god and pass pure judgement and have often made me promise in the past to "turn this over to god" when I was going through phases. Maybe the fact that I refuse to put my child in their ******** church is something that he personally holds against me that he is using as leverage.

I think I will still use trickery just for chaos amongst us, but I won't ask Tyr for help here; my upcoming actions are far from righteous.

Wed Dec 16, 2015 1:18 pm
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It is important to note that Tyr is a proponent of diplomacy.

With that being said, I concur that sometimes the most "diplomatic" action is to politely cease contact. Even if the person was an Odinist, if they are harmful to you or your beloved family- it is judicious to simply avoid contact with them as opposed to a no-win confrontation.

Fri Dec 18, 2015 7:02 pm
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