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On talking to the gods 
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Recently, I have been frequenting Reddit's Asatru forum. While this group has a number of differing views in regards to certain issues, such as their stance on the universalism-folkish debate, a point that has struck a chord with me the most is their attitude towards talking to the gods. I am still attempting to understand their point on this and why they believe this, and formulate my own view on this. They believe that the gods are too high in the hierarchy to merely talk to and consult - that they do not care for an individual's actions. You should only talk to them during a blot or sumble, they believe.

Currently, this conflicts with my views. Though I don't equate the Norse gods with the Christian god, I do believe that they can look favourably upon us in times of hardship; Odin in times of intellectual struggle, and Thor in times of battle, for example. And it seems from reading some of the topics here, a lot of people agree with this statement.
What do you think about this?

Thu Dec 03, 2015 5:40 pm
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Talk to them. If they find you of value they will listen. If they find you extraordinary they may even answer.

The "Gods are too high and mighty" train of thought is Christian contamination born of the need to have priests act as intermediaries.

Thu Dec 03, 2015 8:16 pm
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I agree with Tyrsman. I do note though that your key word is 'talk'. Where the Christian 'pray' to their god for forgiveness, blessings, help etc, as you have noted we talk with our gods at times when we need to just talk to them, as we would with an Elder which is exactly who they are. Out Elders that we seek advice from. With respect. No agenda. It is building a relationship. This will strengthen your bond with them. Storm

Thu Dec 03, 2015 9:19 pm
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Tyrsman spoke wisely.

In the Odin Brotherhood, our goal is not simply to communicate gods, but to meet them here on Midgard. Many of us have met them.

Fri Dec 04, 2015 1:14 am

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Hail Brothers!

I too don't see any need for a priest or
spokesman to talk with the Gods. I honor
them daily when I'm out in nature I will
talk to them. Typically I just say thank
you for all the good things in my life. I
also say thank you for the tests that
made me who I am today.

I hope one day to meet one of them here
on Midgaard. Until then when I am lucky
I get to see them in dream. I have noticed
their divine interaction in my life indirectly
through acts that benefited myself and

I like to think if the Gods notice us then
we must be of good enough quality for
them to acknowledge us. I talk to them
every day. If they listen is up too them.


Fri Dec 04, 2015 7:13 pm
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They leave signs of their passing in Runes found in nature, they visit in dreams and sometimes we encounter them in this plane if we are fortunate.

I feel the more attention we pay to them, the more they pay to us.

They reach out to their children, but only some can "hear" the call of the ancestors- in time, perhaps more will find their respective ancestral pathways and find true connection with the Earth and purpose.

Wed Dec 09, 2015 3:47 am

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I too see the runes in random spots in
nature on my walks. I thought I was the
only one that noticed them. It's neat and
they are always created by nature but
hold real meaning to whatever I may be
pondering when I discover them..


Wed Dec 09, 2015 6:43 pm

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Just the other day I was outside on my porch and noticed walking back in a piece of straw in the perfect shape of the Ansuz rune. I immediately noticed it. I sort of wondered if it was just coincidental; I don't believe so. What an odd experience.

Wed Dec 09, 2015 7:06 pm

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The Gods and Godesses are our Elder Kin. I talk to them just like I talk to my maw maw, paw paw, and my granddaddy who all have passed. Sometimes I talk to great ancestors of mine who I never met, but only heard stories of that caused me to admire them. Now I can't say that I have ever heard them talk back to me, but for instance: My paw paw was a very wise man. He was in WW2, Korea, and Vietnam. He was a tail gunner, rescue guy, and mechanic (in that order of the wars). He had an 8th grade education. His goal before he died was to have a million dollars in the stock market alone. A month after he died, his stocks hit a million...on top of the 2 houses he owned and the business he helped my maw maw start. Pretty good for an 8th grade education. Because I admire him so much, sometimes I wish he were here so I could ask his advice. So I ask anyways. It causes me to examine his life and think about what he would have done and helps me make the right decision. There have also been times where I have done something like that and something good came my way, unexpected like he was looking out for me.
I do have certain "prayers" I say in the morning and evening to the Aesir and Vanir in general. Not really to ask them for anything, but just to book end my day in respect of them.
I grew up in a devout Christian environment and even went to Seminary for a year. I prayed and prayed to no avail. I never had any real spiritual experiences.
As I was learning about the old ways and discovered this website, I was speaking to the Aesir and Vanir and letting them know that I wanted to learn of the old ways. Before I knew much at all of our religion and before I knew who Heimdall was (I only knew his name) He came to me in a dream. I am not a member of the brotherhood, but I believe this to have been my meeting of dreams.
I frequently toast Heimdall and give him gifts. I speak to him sometimes and like to read whatever anyone writes about him. One day, I don't remember what I did or said in particular, but let him know that I would like to know him better. That day I saw a full rainbow across the sky at the same time there was a rainbow coming off the street right next to my truck.
These are my experiences with the Elder Kin.

Thu Dec 10, 2015 12:35 am

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I always wonder if they are around me. Sometimes when that person looks at you questioningly. Sometimes someone needs a random act of kindness. Or when you are talking to someone and feel like you have known them forever. Its interesting to think if you have met a god and didn't know. Remember though some of our gods shift. Sometimes they could be the Dog watching from afar or the bird flying over your car. They could be on here reading, watching and learning. Sorry it just makes my think. my thoughts are a little scattered.


Fri Dec 11, 2015 6:00 pm
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I was going to append this to my post in the thread on exceptionalism, however it seems more appropriate to this discussion.

In my opinion, I find it to be typical of human arrogance, ignorance or limitation to believe the gods are our personal attendants, friends or masters as a general rule in any sense. I think it is very "abrahamic" to think that the gods have a list of wishes or things they wish us to do, roles to fulfill for their amusement/agendas or that we play such a large role in their existence or that our actions are important enough that they need or want a personal relationship with us, that they reveal themselves to us physically or that we can offend them like an emotional teenager.

They are not "too high and mighty" as mentioned and I do not feel the necessity of an intermediary such as a priest but likewise I believe it very christian-like thinking that the gods are always listening to us, always want to talk with us or even hear us or are close enough to us or have such an interest in each of us as individuals to be at our beck and call. I think its a comical notion that the gods are omni-present like the christians believe., They are our kin, and we contain the Divine Spark to be sure, however the gods are greater in degree. Being greater in degree does mean that in many senses the gods are just as likely to be unconcerned with us or find our problems/lives to be unenlightened, trite, or downright meaningless as they are to want to take a personal interest in us. For one thing, we have VERY little to go on. We likely know a fraction of a percent of the nature of the gods. Keep in mind we mostly have christians and non-asatruar to take our cues from.

Likewise I am extremely skeptical of any claim to have met a god(ess) in Midgard. I have stated before I believe this to be akin to claims of seeing ghosts, UFOs, Tupac and the like. Do I think these ocurrences impossible, or that it should not be a goal? Surely not, this would be just as presumptuous. However, to definitively state that I met X at Y, carries with it a heavy burden of proof. Sure, one may not feel the need to prove anything, however, the claim then becomes quite legitimately questionable and rather pointless to state, other than to be self-aggrandizing. To accept such claims at face value is to be naive. The gods likely choose VERY carefully who to reveal themselves to and do so for specific reasons. I find it hard to believe that would include those people who mindlessly make such bold claims, wearing the experience like a merit badge. "Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know." I have found over the years that this adage applies very consistently in these circumstances.

Edit: This post was not directed at any particular member(s), but are merely an explanation of my take on things.

Stigandr Melrakki
The Wanderer, White Fox

Sun Dec 27, 2015 2:08 pm
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I can find little to argue against in your beliefs and opinion except for one thing.
While you are right that we probably do not play a major role in the plans of the gods we can serve to further their agenda. There are two ways we can be of use to Odin. First, he seeks to ward off the coming of Ragnarok, which will come when there are no more who live with honor. By living honorably we stand against the coming fire. Secondly, He seeks to build an army to make the final stand at Vígríðr.

Whether I will join the Einherjar is not up to me, it will happen if it happens. Regardless of whether or not the Gods choose to take an interest in me I choose to pursue a life of honor, that is what is within my power.

Tue Dec 29, 2015 7:13 am
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I agree Tyrsman, we certainly CAN play a role to serve their agendas or be of use to them, and for certain they do have their own agendas. I should have been more articulate in my explanation. It is not that I don't believe in being of use to the gods, or that we are so insignificant that we cannot be of use, but more along the lines that if I am to be of use or serve their agendas (though of course, depending on how powerful they are, this may or may not occur without my conscious input) it is because I have chosen that path because it is honourable or for one reason or another, and not simply because I am being commanded/expected to, or am a puppet with an ethereal hand up my arse. ;)

Stigandr Melrakki
The Wanderer, White Fox

Tue Dec 29, 2015 9:33 pm

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I too agree with Tyrsman. I live honorably because this world distinctly lacks people of integrity and virtue. I don't do it hoping the God's look down on me in order to win their favor. Instead I live by the 9 noble virtues to the best of my ability to live as a strong example of what a man of virtue is. There is no reward in being noble or honorable other then knowing you do your best in this life you are given. I live to my fullest daily. If the Gods notice me or visit me in dream it is a gift. If being a hero prevents Rangnarok then I understand my life and the way I live it is not just important to me, my family or friends, but the fate of this impending war. I must continue to live as a good man and raise children in the old ways to continue my legacy and a strong lineage of heroes.

When I walk my path that has nature in the middle of my city, I will notice the runes naturally. I think to myself there are many more elements at play in the world of the occult. The God's may not have placed them there, but I know that I too have significant impact on what I define as reality and the hidden meanings of runes. I'm no master of runes but for myself and my own purposes I am. I am no God but a mortal attaining God-like ability. Until I achieve these full degrees of enlightenment I will be a human at the whims of the Norns Sisters weave.


Wed Dec 30, 2015 3:48 am

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Someone once told me that the Gods were not here for us, but rather we were here for them. To this was added: "Nature is not apart from us but we are instead a part of it."

This always reminded me of the worlds of the late American President, Mr. Kennedy, who said that one should not ask what their country could do for them but instead what one could do for their country.

Wise words I think, and worth considering.

Wed Dec 30, 2015 6:28 am
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