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Turns out the AllFather is a Great Grandfather. 👑👑 
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I got a free trial for so I thought I'd while away the winter evenings tracking my mother's family.
Dad's side are mostly Scots and I can only trace them as far back as 1547 when Henry VIIIs troops burned Kelso Abbeyand the family records for most Scots living in Roxburghshire went up in smoke..we know that his family were a sept of the Kerr/Carr family who were notorious border reivers (bandits) who, with other families living in the border area if England and Scotland, were a law unto themselves and had branches and lands on both sides if the border. Many ancestors would have 'danced the Tyburn jig' at Hexham, Newcastle, Carlisle, Hawick and, if course Jedburgh (the phrase 'Jeddart justice' is older British slang for a lynching.
Mum's family are a bit more interesting, Lincolnshire land owners of the most respectable kind but her mother's family are a truly ancient one.
My Great Granny Ada was the first female in a direct male line that can get traced all the way back to 60BC. Realistically the facts become increasingly mythical prior to 300AD. It turns out that she was directly descended from Geoffrey Berenger I, Duke of Brittany(980AD-1008AD) and his wife, Hwaise of Normandy.
Now Geoff, my 29th Great Grandfather, was descended from the Counts of Vannes, Rennes and Poher and the dark age King's if Brittany who can be traced back to Conan Meriadoc, who, in the late 3rd Century, was King of Siluria (South Wales) who was granted lands in the part of France we now call Brittany (which is why it is called Brittany). Conan's ancestors were the ancient British Kings of Siluria.
Hwaise of Normandy was the Great Granddaughter of Rollo, the viking warlord who became the first Duke of 'Northmandy' Hwaise was the great great aunt of William the Conquerer and my mothers family were the Breton contingent who joined the 1066 invasion, rewarded by bring made Lords (Earls) of Richmond.
Hwaise 's Granny was Emma of Paris, the daughter of Hugh the Great and the sister of Hugh' Capet' the French King who founded the Capetian dynasty. Because she was a member of the French Royal family, it's very straightforward to trace her direct ancestry back and it includes: Charles Martel, who defeated the Moorside in 732 and saved Europe from Islam, (a grandfather of Charlemange (who's a cousin), Clovis I the first Christian King if France, About a dozen Merovingian French Kings, some good, most mad and several puppets. Now the propaganda writers if the Capetian Kings in the 1200s traced the line all the way back to the King's of Ancient Troy around 1500. Although the Franks did originate in the area we now call Georgia, this is pure fantasy.
But a more interesting result is in the ancestors of Hugh the Great. His wife, Hedwig of Saxony was the daughter of Henry the Fowler, the Saxon King who Heinrich Himmler thought himself a reincarnation of. Henry's direct ancestors can be traced directly to Hengst, the semi mythical King of Kent who led, with his brother, Horsa, the Saxon settlement of South East Britannica. Hengst 's 5th Great Grandfather was Woden.
I'm also related to the AllFather who is my 50th Great Grandfather, through Caser if The Angles, who was Odin' s son and first King of the Angles.
His direct ancestor and my 43rd great grandfather is Raedwald, King of East Anglia who became 'Bretwalda' or Ruler of Britain (the foremost if the four Angle Kings). Raedwald became the most powerful Angle warlord through realpolitik and religion. In 610AD the Kingdom of Northumbria stretched from Lothian to the Wash. And was the foremost of Angle Kingdoms. The Northumbrias had been converted to Christianity by St Cuthbert who led a mission from Iona into Angle Land. The Christian King of Northumbria was Aethelfrith who was Married to Asca. Aethelfrith was chuffed to hits when his powerful southern neighbour, Raedwald, visited his court at Bamburgh Castle and converted to Christianity. He sent Raedwald home with gifts, gold and presents, certain that his southern border was protected.
Only, Raedwald had some other ideas, he welcomed Edwin, the brother in law of Aethelfrith to his court and initiated a plot to overthrow Aethelfrith and place Edwin on the Northumbrian throne. But the first thing he did was to build a huge temple to honour Woden, his conversion to Christianity was a ruse. He led his army into Northumberia and at the Battle of Idle River (probably the river Ouse, near York) Raedwald killed and defeated Aethelfrith. He placed Edwin on the throne, and was the real power behind Edwin and Edwin's lord and Bretwalda.
However, Raedwald 's oldest son and heir was killed in the battle whereas Aethelfrith s wife and kids escaped to the Scottish Kingdom if Dal Riata, in Argyll where Asca and her daughters stayed at the convent on Iona and Oswald and his brother grew up in the Scottish royal Court.
When Raedwald died around 624 he was the last of the Odinborn pagan Bretwaldas. He is almost certainly the pagan warlord buried in the ship, in his battle helmet, at Sutton Hoo.
Oswald returned to Northumberland with a Scottish army and seized the throne back. He led a Christian campaign into North Wales against the Pagan Welsh and was defeated and beheaded at Oswestry (Oswald's Tree). He was canonised.

So an interesting exercise all round.
The family backed the wrong side in the Wars of he Roses and lost its titles and lands and by 1598 my 9th great grandfather inherited a single Heifer from his father! They rebuilt their fortunes to gentleman farmers.

The dark age genealogy is only possible because they were unusual in keeping sound records and being from a part of the world where adventurers could cut out a future. The reality is many if us with Northern European roots will share Odin Blood because the leaders of all the Germanic tribes, (including the Scandinavian) could trace their families back to Odin. We're not talking about huge populations back then, the essentially tribal families would have been interrelated.
Its a stroke of pure lunch that, in my mother's family, the land, church and historical records survived.

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Interesting. Thank you for sharing.

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