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epic music lyrics 
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just quote random epics








Wed Jan 27, 2010 3:19 pm
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Powerful words! Thank you for posting your art.

Thu Jan 28, 2010 12:51 am

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Hunting is going on,
we are a part of the wilderness.
Hunting is going on,
only the fast will survive.
Hunting is going on,
we are a part of the wilderness.
Hunting is going on,
only the fast will survive.
Korpiklaani The hunting song.
maybe not truly "Epic", but I absoluty feel something in it.

Tue Feb 02, 2010 5:49 pm
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korpiklanni is friggin awesome!!!!!!!!

i saw them in concert with tyr last month.

Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:45 am

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iv two to put up:


Just wait though wide he may roam
Always a hero comes home
He goes where no one has gone
But always a hero comes home

Deep in the heart of darkness sparks a dream of light
Surrounded by hopelessness he finds the will to fight
There’s no surrender, always remember
It doesn’t end here, we’re not alone

Just wait though wide he may roam
Always a hero comes home
He goes where no one has gone
But always a hero comes home

And he will come back on a crimson tide
Dead or alive
And even though we know the bridge has burned
He will return… He will return!

Just wait though wide he may roam
Always a hero comes home
He knows of places unknown
But always a hero comes home

Someday he may carve his stone
The hero comes home

He goes and comes back alone
But always a hero comes home
Just wait though wide he may roam
Always a hero comes home.

by Idina Menzel

the second:


enjoy what'chas got, nae what you have not
'tis a weak heart lamenting with sorrow
when the days seem cursed, it could always be worse
fight depression with sword and with arrow

when the zeppelinous clouds of trouble abound
and thunder is clapping and lightning strikes ground
just when yer thinking this may be your last
throw a lash 'round the mast, hold fast!

when the world ain't right, and it smithes ye with strife
ye can now buckle down, it's a test they call life
very soon you will see what kind of animal you'd be
taking the bite outta life

when they're testing the gallows, yer hung like a dog
or they're marching us out to a firing squad
we just smile and recall all the good times we had
it's the best 'til tomorrow

it's the best day 'til tomorrow

no considering surrender when yer down in the dregs
if ye look down and notice you still have your legs
so stand up and fight you just might seize the day
it's the best day 'til tomorrow

by: the real mckenzies

the second:

Wed Feb 03, 2010 2:41 pm

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'the warming sun,returns from death
and melts away the snow
the sea is free from icy chains
winter is letting go

standing on the ocean side
we can hear the waves
calling us out with tide
to sail into our graves

hey hey!

hey hey!

guard our ships!!!!!
our axes,spears,and swords!!!!!
guide us through storms that whip-
and in brutal war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amon amarth-pursuit of vikings-1st vers.

Wed Feb 03, 2010 9:17 pm

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Migla, migla, rasa, rasa,
Tās man labu nedarīj'-
Rasā manas kājas mirka,
Miglā nozūd kumeliņš Nokrīt migla,
nokrīt rasa Atrod savu kumeliņ;
Atrod savu kumeliņ Pie Mēneša namdurvīm Mēness ņēma Saules meitu,
Aicin' mani vedībās,
Kā es jāšu vedībāsi Nesedlotu kumeliņ' Saule deva zelta sedlus Mēness sudrab' iemauktiņs',
Nu es varu droši jāti Dieva dēlu pulciņā Krustiem auga kokiem saknes,
Krustiem zvaigznes debesīs, Sāniem jāja Dieva dēli, Krustiem tek'a kumeliņ'


Oh fog, oh dew
Neither one was good for me
The dew dampened my feet
The fog made me lose my steed

The fog lifted, the dew lifted
I found my horse
I found my horse
At the Mēness's doorstep

The Mēness took the daughter of Saule
And invited me to a wedding
How can I ride to a wedding
On a horse without saddle?

The Saule gave me a golden saddle
The Mēness – a silver bridle
Now I can boldly ride
Together with the sons of Dievs

Crosswise grow the roots of trees
Crosswise stars shine in the sky
The sons of Dievs ride next to me
Crosswise galloping our horses


Gatavs biju karavīrs
Gatavs kara kumeliņš

Tās dieniņas vien gaidīju
Kad zīlīte ziņu dev'

Pa vārtiem izjādams
Rīksti dūru pavārtē

Ja tā auga, ja zaļoja
Gaidat mani pārejot

Ja neauga, nezaļoja
Negaidati, nepārieš'

Uz kariņu aiziedams
Krustu cirtu ozolā

Lai neraud tēvs, māmiņa
Lai raud krusta ozoliņš


Ready was the warrior
Ready was the war horse

I waited for the sign
That would come from the titmouse

Riding out the gate
I stuck the rod beneath it

If it grows, if it blossoms
Wait for my return

If it doesn't grow or blossom
Wait for me no longer

When I went off to war
Cut a cross into the oak

Don't cry father, mother
Let the cross cry in the oak

Thu Feb 04, 2010 7:14 pm

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In battle my fate I'll show
it's a rite long time known
For I am your son
the wind brings my song
and you are of ravens the Lord
One Eyed God Ravenlord

Death, mist and cold plague the Niflhel
Naglfar the ship, made of nails of the dead
Sails silent and relentless, straight to that hell
There who didn't die in battle suffering will dwell
But to Asgard and Valhalla our fate is led
Because out immotrality won't serve its queen Hel
But in the higher Asgard we will kindly stand
and with strength and glory

One-Eyed God by Doomsword

Fri Feb 05, 2010 7:19 am
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I love this song.

Amon Amarth "Hermod's Ride To Hel - Lokes Treachery Part 1"

Ride Sleipner
Ride for all you're worth
Faster then lightning,
To the dark realms of the world

Through valleys of darkness
On our way to Nifelheim
To the halls of Hel
Where my brother waits

Wailing voices on the wind
Urging me to turn
Distant tortured screams
Cold blue fires burn

I hear the sound of river Gjoll
Running cold and deep
It's a golden bridge shines in the dark
The bridge that Modgud keeps

Over the bridge, on through the night
Hel is getting near
There are the gates, towering high
Afflicting me with fear

In her hall, at the honor seat
My brother sits in pain
Pale and tortured Balder greats
Bound by invisible frozen chains

I have come, to bring him back with me
The whole world mourns his death!
Please set Balder free
Give him back his breath!

If it's true, what you say to me
That the whole world mourns his death.
If the whole world will weep I'll give him back his breath!"

Fri Feb 05, 2010 8:26 pm
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"Wodan heerst"
Wodan wist waar hij zou gaan, reisde door weer en wind
Langs reuzenberg en schaduwrijke dalen
Naar Mimirs bron, gelegen aan de voet van Yggdrasil
Waar Wodan kwam om de eeuwige wijsheid te halen
Geen enkel man zou drinken uit de bron zo was het lot
Slechts ene prijs zou de man belonen
Wodan bood Mimir zijn oog doch zou hij beter zien
Hetgeen dat is, en ons nog toe zal komen

Oneindig uw woede, uw wijsheid is groot
Schenk ons de zege, de vijand de dood
Geen angst om te sterven, uw volk onbevreesd
De wereld zal weten dat Wodan heerst
Oneindig uw woede uw wijsheid is groot
Schenk mij uw kennis van leven en dood
Open mijn ogen, ontketen mijn geest
En ik zal dan weten dat Wodan heerst

Wodan hing in de boom, zichzelf verwond met een speer
Een offer om de runenwijsheid te krijgen
Geteisterd door zijn honger en dorst voor negen nachten lang
Zo maakte hij zichzelf de runen eigen
Het runenschrift, het magisch schrift schonk hij aan ’t Midgaardvolk
Een gift aan ons die met zijn zegen strijden
Nu kerven wij de runen in ons zwaard voor winst in ’t gevecht
Walkuren zien wij door de hemelen rijden

Uit de hemelen staren twee raven
Zij turen over ons donkere vlakke land
En zij zien hoe Wodans volk ontwaakt
Met Wodans zegen gaan wij ten strijde
We grijpen naar het zwaard, de speer en de saks
De vijand hoort hoe ons volk een strijdkreet slaakt
Uit onze kelen klinken de lied’ren
Zij zingen van Alvaders wijsheid en macht
En wij zien hoe de oude god ontwaakt
De laffe vijand die vreest onze toorn
Wij vechten voor de winst en anders de dood
En wij zien hoe Wodan in ons leeft


"Wodan rules"
Wodan knew where he went, travelled through weather and wind
past giant mountains and dark Valleys
to Mimirs source , placed at the feet of Yggdrasil
there Wodan went to get inifite Wisdom
but destiny said that no man would thrink from the source
Obly one price would reward the man
Wodan offerd Mimir his eye so he could see better
that which is, and that which is to come.

inifite your rage , your wisdom to great
give us victory, our enemy death
no fear to die , your people fearless
the world shall known that wodan rules
inifite your rage , your wisdom to great
give my your knowledge about live and death
open my eyes , free my spirit
and i shall know that wodan rules

wodan hung himself in the tree, wound himself with a spear
a sacrifice to get the rune knowledge
plagued by hunger and thirst for nine nights long
this way he made the runes his own
the rune alphabet, the magic alphabet, he gifted to the Midgaardpeople
a gift to us that fight with his blessing
and now we carve the runes in ours blades for victory in battle
Valkyries we see travelling through the heavens

out heaven two Ravens gaze
they gaze over our dark flat land
and they see how Wondans people awake
With wodans blessing we go to battle
we take our swords spears and the saks
the enemy hears our warcries
out of our troats Songs sound
they sing about the Allfathers power and wisdom
and we see how an old gods awakes
the cowardly enemy fears our wrath
we fight for victory or otherwise death
and we see how wodan lives in us
En wij zien hoe Wodan in ons leeft

Heidevolk, Wodan heerst.
I hope i did a good job at the translations

Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:16 pm

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I did not notice anything from Arcturus, so figured I would add something to the board:

I have everywhere sought,
and nowhere found
So I lift the bleedin' bodkin
And trust the grief deepest in

The gleaming bodies of the infinite skies
Have for my spirit
The cold charm
Of death's welcoming eyes
In secret to my soul
They are ideals of old

Sun Jan 22, 2012 6:58 pm
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