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A revenant in our times 
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Like many of our age this man was lost,
He searched for a warm place to warm his heart of frost.

He searched for answers everywhere at first in a Christian sect,
But Christianity is a ship trying to float after it had been wrecked.

He wanted desperately to believe his soul lived on after death.
There must have been a type of life that did not need breath!

But as time went on and this man minds matured
of this childish dream was thoughts cured.

"There can't be truth in religion, extravgent truths contrived by long dead men,
I will not let myself be fooled! It will not happen again!"

Thus he banished all spiritual thought and thoughts of a spiritual plain,
There was only this life and it was filled with so much pain!

And so turned to science and vice, to make himself feel alive!
He wanted to feel every sense, he wanted degeneracy to survive.

Woman after woman, drug after drug and beer after beer,
There was nothing he wouldn't try, be even tried to be queer!

He had gotten sick multiple times, but he kept his lifestyle the same,
If he only had one life, it certainly wouldn't be mundane!

He studied at university where he earned a prestigious degree,
He even got a high paying job he thought would make him glee!

He had many children none of whom he seen,
But it wasn't his fault! The court system was mean!

But atleast he knew the answers that Science always gave,
And atleast he had some fun at the weekly rave.

When one day he took too hard a pill,
And of blood and bile from his mouth did spill.

The dance floor became a daze as he whirled in circle to the floor,
He opened his eyes then to be a death's door.

This door was white, it was all that could be seen.
The light was brighter than any other sheen.

It was then he heard voices that beckoned him to come,
He could still feel his heart, like a slow beat drum.

"I don't want to go, there is still so much I can feel.
This is all in my mind, it cant possibly be real!"

Are your thoughts less real than the world around you?
You let other define what is real, that is what you do.

Your mind is the maker of every sense you feel!
But you let other people tell you what they think is real.

How can you be sure what is real and what can be true?
When everything you do, destroys a part of you!

When a cell does not fullfilling it purpose and goes astray its what we call cancer.
But somehow you live your life thinking you've found the answer?

How foolish and weak you are, just like the man called de Sade,
It is death you deserve, this is what we bade!

"No! No! I dont want to die! I want to live! I want to live" he cried
You do not seem it, it will be much better if you died.

Then you wouldn't have to worry about all that pain you complain about,
Perhaps in death you can continue to be a lout.

"I will struggle!" He cried. " I won't go without a fight!"
His body played tug of war, he struggled with all his might.

Maybe do you do want to live but struggle is the only way!
You must fight for every breath! And be worthy of every day!

"I am" he cried! And he tore his arm from the fade
"I will build my life from the mess I've made!"

He began to feel his fingers and he clenched his hand,
He began to feel his feets, which he so desperately wanted to stand.

It was then he felt death cold his grab him in the middle
If you want to live you must solve the forgotten riddle.

"I will" he said. "There is no barrier that will stop me from holding my children to my chest.

Go on death's creature, say your bit and afterwards go rest"

If I were to take you now if I were to take your soul,
Where your soul had been would it leave a hole?

"No." The replied with a confident voice, death laughed and then she spoke.

Then what is the secret some men have forgotten?
"That the body and soul are one, without one the other is rotten."

Ah! You have learned from death!
Now return to life and find truth with each breath!

It was then the man opened his eyes with a gasp!
On death's lifeline he soldily grasped!

On his he flung the sheets that had been tucked around his head,
He looked around to find himself in a hospital bed.

Every muscle ached and every orfice had bled,
he still he struggled from that hospital bed.

The nurses couldn't believe their eyes! The man was a revenant, returned from the dead.
His family had already comes, their tears had already been shed.

He spent his life to find truth, in that he had to something that could not lie,
He found that in struggle, in the cold, steel and sky!

The cold of the ocean never lied or held back,
The sun always in the sky never lost its track

The math equation never changed with the opinion of men,
He found math in nature, he found it in every glen

Steel never weighed less or more and always gave you a result.
He based his life on truths! Of life he began to exalt!

Everything changed when he realized his body was a reflection of his soul,
To bring the two together became his life goal.

He then the things philosophers taught him, away he finally threw
He threw away the atheistic nihilism and science's doctrines too

He also got rid of the Christian sense of right and wrong,
There was only healthy and unhealthy everything else was gone.

End of Part 1

Mon May 08, 2017 1:32 pm
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