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Two Poems, Boar-Chant and Baritus (War-Cry of the Germans) 
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I wrote these two poems and translated them (poorly I admit) into Old English.


Stout people of the boar,
follow me in the snout!
The spear-forest is our bristles!
The seax is our tusk!
The axe is our strong shoulders!
The shield is our thick hide!
The sword is our bold heart!
Battle-wounds hath the swine,
and scars from days gone by,
who goes forth to war,
against the enemy of friend and kin.
The strength of the oak in his legs,
keeps us pushing forward in the fray.


Gethracen eofor-folc,
Forjgang swinfyrd mec
Gar-holt sy gebyrst!
Seax sy hildetux!
Aecs sy stithmaegen sculdor!
Bord sy thicnes hyrth!
Sweord sy hearding breostsefa!
Beadu-dolgbenn sy swin,
Dolg fram daeg aerdaed,
hwa forecyme to beadu,
wither andsaca drut cynn.
Afol-ac lira,
astyrian feoht.

Baritus (War-Cry of the Germans)

Great spear-men,
stand firm among the trees.
Strong-rooted as they are,
to the land and to the blood.
Our home is a spear-bristled hill,
held by Germanic fury.

The iron-shaper wields the fire,
and strikes the metal to shape.
Caught between the hammer and anvil,
it is destroyed and remade by the wizard,
for he knows the secrets others do not.
The answer to iron's riddle,
a mystery to all but the smith.

Fur-clad, a hoard of beasts
rather than men.
Iron-clad, sword-sons lead the way,
to defend the home of friend and kin.
The shield-wall, unmovable as the sea,
is our domain.
Our forebears' blood and memory in us,
our children's future before us.
With fierce eyes we go forth,
and fight for the tribe!

Baritus (Herecirm Garmann)

Eormenþeod Gar-mann,
stefnettan gemang treowa.
Stimæger wyrtwala swa hie,
to se land ond to se blodes.
Ealdcyðð sy gar-byrste hyll,
heldan be garmannisc-grama.

Se isen-scieppan wealdan se fyr,
gehíwlǽcan se isen.
befon abitweonum se hamer and anfilt,
isen sy abreotan and sceaft be se wischere,
for can se diohlu oþres-folc do ne.
Se acweðan to isen-agof,
digolnes to ænig butan se smiþ.

Hyd-gecladed, deor heerban,
ne menn.
Isenþreat, sweorð-bearn alædan,
to algian ealdcyðð of friend ond cynn.
Se bord-weall, anhydig swa se sæ,
sy acennedlíc-ieodmearc.
Ealdfæder blodes ond anlicnes innan,
bearn-toweardness oferþencan.
Hæfen anmod besceawodnes-þoþer forþgang,
beceasan for se folc!

Mon May 15, 2017 4:18 pm
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It is good to see our old languages still in use. You should be proud of your efforts! Stormr

Mon May 15, 2017 9:47 pm
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One positive side effect of writing in two languages is the intuitive removal of Latin-derrived words.

"Stout people of the boar, follow me in the snout" is a particularly provocative line.


Mon May 22, 2017 10:18 pm
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Joined: Fri Aug 15, 2014 7:43 pm
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Many thanks to you both. RedSon, you might want to check out Anglish. It is a modern movement which converts English to being 100% Germanic. It is pretty awesome but sounds hilarious sometimes. look into it.

Sat Jun 03, 2017 10:44 pm
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