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Egil Skallagrimsson Today 
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What would be the Odinist response be if a modern Egil appeared among the masses? A man (or woman) knowledgable of the runes, strong of belief and fiercely independent who did as he pleased when he pleased, how would he be welcomed today? Remember, Egil split the head of a boy with an axe for cheating him at a game when he was only 7 years of age. A modern Egil would be no less exacting, no less harsh. Imagine his response if there had been such a thing as law enforcement in his day!

This is an observation and comparison/contrast. Queen Gunnhildr sent two of her brothers to take vengeance against Egil after he slaughtered a retainer of King Eirik Bloodaxe. Those two brothers are probably the closest thing there was in such a day to law enforcement as the Monarch or "Sovereign" was the embodiment of the state. Those brothers were of course killed as well. In the event he broke a law in today's Christian world, you can imagine the fate of any police officer whom intended to bring him to justice.

It is important to remember the world as it really is, in nature and civilisation. Might makes right; it is true now, in the past, and will be in the future. This guy has it all written out for me so I'll just quote a fellow Odinist.

bobd wrote:
During my first reading of the Saga, I too at times thought to myself "this man is a mental case". I tried to reflect back and understand what was being told (some of this is has been alluded to or stated already):
1- might is usually "right". Particularly in history, the toughest SOB usually got his way (or the one who could afford to pay the toughest SOB). Like it or not, it's still the same way today, just more subtle. The best football player gets the girl, the attention, the scholarship. The pushiest salesman gets the most sales, the biggest bonus, etc. Now I know this isn't always the case, but think about much of life. The "mightiest" (even if they were jerks) get the golden ring (gylltr baugrinn?).
2- The world isn't black and white, it's gray. Egil played rolls that you would hate him in, and rolls you would praise him for. Such is the world. Unlike in many other religious or cultural stories, where the good guy and the bad guy are always 100% clear, there were many rolls played by many people. Such is the real, natural world.
3- If you think about what the true, viking nature is supposed to be, it tends towards a very free spirit, one who doesn't like to be ruled. Egil didn't take crap from anyone. He did what he wanted (more or less) when he wanted to. Sometimes we know people like that. While we may not always like them, we sometimes wish we were them.

Mon Jul 14, 2014 6:52 pm
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Blodhrafn wrote:
What would be the Odinist response be if a modern Egil appeared among the masses?

You are quite right that today, somebody with this same personality and methods would be diagnosed with a mental health condition and either incarcerated or medicated into submitting to what society has decreed as "normal". I would thing that Odinists would recognize the nature of this type of individual but unless one were personally acquainted with the individual we would most likely simply buy the version peddled by the authorities and the media.

As appealing as the old ways of an individual being able to deal with the rest of the world are, we are forced to recognize that as time changes so must tactics. This is part of the cycle that we are in. The rule of law that was established to protect the defenseless has grown and mutated to the point that it no longer strengthens society but has become a cancer, just another symptom of the decay that will eventually bring about our destruction.

Mon Jul 14, 2014 10:00 pm
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I believe the problem is that we create crutches for everything. You can't shape the world to fit the organism, you shape the organism to fit the world. Anything else weakens the species in the long term and this is reflected by what we see with untold numbers of people doing nothing but consuming and getting fat. It is reflected in laws and policy, with the state holding or trying to hold exclusive control on the institution of violence and killing.

People need to struggle, there needs to be conflict in order to advance and grow. The ancients knew this, and respected their environment. They understood that the most capable survived and thrived, and majority strove to become as capable as possible. And if they didn't, then we must for we are smaller in number.

Egil was the physical embodiment of this. Smart, strong, and willing to do what it takes. Intelligence and strength can be cultivated, as can willpower. As Odinists, it is important we strive to be "heroes" as the brotherhood puts it. Not necessarily for power or control (of course the Odinist's personal reasons are his own concern) but for the gods who watch and wait for Ragnarok, for future generations that they may match and surpass us, for the species that it may survive and thrive.

The Abrahamics can create their crutches, but I encourage Odinists to embark upon the path of self-improvement, of cultivating capability. For we will be better for it and they lesser.

Wed Jul 16, 2014 8:54 pm

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What inspired your post today? This was my subject of research today as well

Thu Jul 17, 2014 3:53 am
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It was a thought. In most cases; those such as Egil are portrayed as psychotic, violent and murderous lunatics. Spawn of satan is what it brings to the Christisn mind. Yet in places such as Pre-Christian Scandinavia these kind of people were the ones admired for their strength of will and body. What today would be referred to as a temporary or spontaneous psychotic episode would have been thought of as god-possession in them days. It's not science; it is science with major Christien influence. They don't like anything out of the ordinary after all.

It was an exercise in philosophical difference. Egil was a strong man, not just physically but mentally as well. If a man such as he appeared, he would be hunted down because we all know such a character just wouldn't be able to stay out of trouble in such an alien culture. He would probably start causing problems for their own sake.

It brought to mind how such a strong individual could be despised by a culture with massive obesity problems, obsessions with vanity and fashion while professing the same to be mortal sins. It occurred to me that there is a systematic cultivation of weakness with the offering of pharmaceuticals for the most pathetic of sicknesses, the pushing of video games and television on all ages where people literally do nothing but sit and watch lights on a screen and do absolutely nothing productive. The existence of law enforcement to protect these individuals (and more often prey upon) because they cannot protect themselves. The Romans had the same problems so these are recurring symptoms.

Civilisation is a sociological abomination.

Sun Aug 17, 2014 4:30 pm
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