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Gefjun / Gefjon 
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A godess not yet mentioned here is Gefjun / Gefjon, nevertheless there is a nice story to tell about her. The story goes about the way she created the Vanern lake in Sweden and Seeland, the main island of Denmark where Copenhagen is located. With her oxen she plowed the land from the lake to the current location of Seeland.

BTW: The most beautiful statue / fountain in Copenhagen is the one of Gefjun, forget about the little mermaid!

Sun Mar 23, 2014 9:23 am
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I am familiar with the name, but I am ashamed to say I do not recall where in the genealogy of Gods Gefjun holds her place- I do not know who her parents or if she is Aes or Vanic.

I trust this forum more than an internet search to find the answer with all the Marvel B.S. out there at this time. Thank you for educating me in advance!

Wed Apr 06, 2016 6:03 pm
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I absolutely hated everything about the marvel movies... all it did was make a farce of our way of life and bring the superficial, consumerist garbage of humanity interested in distorting our Gods into their little monotheistic molds of false dichotomies and a world where we "bow" before kings.

Look and count how many times Odin is bowed before- I have said this before, but if there was a company that portrayed Jesus as a vigilante serial killer it would never make the millions this franchise has by twisting Norse/Germanic tradition into the garbage they put on screen.

Furthermore, it created a mess of "New Lokeans" who are worshiping Tom Hiddleston.

This is a bloody mess all around. We do not need converts, and the people meant to called back to Odinism would have found it anyway somehow WITHOUT the service of grossly inaccurate and insulting media portrayals of all the women in the film looking frail as dried twigs and the men being nothing more than long-haired shampoo commercial fodder.

I was asked once to write a paid article on "How Marvel Has Positively Influenced H---ry". I am glad the original requester never got around to actually writing the book she intended, because after much thought I realized the glut of idiots currently in the community generally are as a direct result of people with the depth of puddles confusing fiction with actual spiritual practices and to do anything but decline would have been dishonoring myself and my Gods.

Fri Apr 08, 2016 12:24 am
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Ah Tyrienne, you have spoken with much passion. It is always a pleasure to read your posts - particularly when I am in agreement. Stormr

Fri Apr 08, 2016 12:51 am
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Eternal Dawn wrote:

I see your point. I enjoyed the movies, though. I believe Chris Hemsworth portrayed Thor in a very beautiful manner, portrayed our god in a very honourable and virtuous light. Although, yes, the whole 'Lokean' cult thingy is ridiculous. It's degenerate. These are those silly girls who like the 'bad boys' like Loki, and will probably end up as single mothers. There was also no blonde Sif. Thor should have been with the beautiful Sif, not the average Jane. Odin is depicted as the typical wise king, albeit in a Christianized manner. But it was on the whole positive - and Asgard looked amazing. I hold a grudge against the 'Viking' series on 'History' which slanders our ancestors, gods, culture in the worst way possible.

That's an excellent coincidence... I, too was very upset by Sif lacking her hair but I guess I was afraid to type that for fear of sounding petty.

Honestly? The only thing close in all media I've found to anything even remotely close to Norse/Germanic values is playing Skyrim.

I even despise "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman...and I was a great fan of his work in "Sandman". He almost redeemed himself in the last chapter of his depiction of the European Odinn, but it left a bad taste in my mouth overall.

However, I can also contort my mind into thinking perhaps it was an accurate analysis of American Asatru as practiced as most where there is so much deception, irresponsibility, and scheming between public organizations that seems to be particular to the USA.

Though this forum, I am glad I have met so many of you from Europe and outside of the USA!

Fri Apr 08, 2016 11:45 pm
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The Etymology of her name is 'The Giving one', The Myth goes Gylfi A King the earliest recorded King of Scandanavia rumoured to have been a sea giant himself and said to have assumed the Kingship following the Aesirs rule. Gylfi promised Gefjon as much land as four oxen could plough in a day and a night, but with trickery she turns her 4 sons born of a giant into Bulls, and moreover she uprooted the land and dragged it into the sea, where it became the island of Zealand.

As with most Gods and the confusion of Text, Gefion is by some thought of as Freyja or else Frigg, This comes from Lokasenna where Odin states

Snorri Linked the Gefion and Gylfi Myth into Bragi's Ragnarsdrapa, a 9th century text.

Adalsteinsson in Under The Cloak pg 51, Associates in his translation the text ,Because I think that she knows as well as myself the fates of all men'

There is another mention of Her but not by name in vafþrúðnismál it goes;

Ifing is the river, that devides the lands of the gods and the Jotunn sons;
open shall it flow for all of time, never shall it freeze.

In the sayings the plough is said to have given the boudary between Asgardr and Jotunheimr.

In Anglo Saxon Mythology its Geofon (OE) Etymology it is gender neutral but gains a mention in Beowulf(1,362), the extent of the sea is Geofons begang and elsewhere Noah built Geofenhus Sea Horse.

There is a beautiful picture showing Gefjun plowing with her four oxen, its a painting on the ceiling of Frederiksborg Palace, Denmark

Thank you for getting me back into my books hope this has helped .

I also referenced Adalsteinsson 'A piece of Horse Liver' and E.O.G Turville Petre's 'Myth and Religion of the North'
And Pollingtons 'Elder Gods'

Wed Jun 22, 2016 6:08 pm
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I enjoy being misunderstood. I find it helps in my subversion.

Thu Jun 23, 2016 2:58 am

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Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly was wrong with the Vikings series on History Channel?

I know the show is not historically accurate but what exactly was offensive at most for all of you? Despite that creepy prophet... of course...

The Marvel movies are all based on comics... and not the "graphic novel" kind of comics like Sandman, but the "on this week Thor will go to the URSS to fight communism, the biggest evil on the world" kind of comic. So I am actually ok with them because with that kind of luggage the movies could be far worse.

Hope that I dont distort the thread main subject.

Thu Jun 30, 2016 6:43 am
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