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In my travels there is an individual I occasionally will visit who is (in my view and experience) a kind of avatar of Loki or his kind.

He has made certain revelations only one who is favored by Loki would know, is very much an embodiment of the trickster and also is not shy at all about the agenda's at play in the world.

He is not a demi-god or anything of that nature, but is mentally in tune with such a power as Loki, hence my use of the term 'a kind of' avatar.

He is not what I would call a friend, more of a person who is a go-between from our kind and theirs you might say.

So I shall be visiting him shortly in the next few weeks all being well.

Any questions you have I will try and put to him.

Wed Nov 20, 2013 8:26 am

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I have thought about this some. Thank you for the offer. There are a few things that I consider. He might offer insight to them.

1: It seems like people used to have less respect for Loki. This could be because there were less core followers. In essence, we accept him as valuable because core believers do, yet we are the majority now that is left. It does seem though that Loki has a lot larger following in modern times.

I know that I hold him equally valuable in my life to the other gods. At times, I feel the closest connection to him. Why the sudden and more rapid resurgence of his presence?

2: It seems that Loki was the victim of prophecy. Prior to the conclusion being drawn that he would kill Balder, he didn't seem as hostile toward the other gods. I feel often that he was pushed to his betrayal because of the violence directed at himself and his children. Did he know from the first plot what the endgame was to the course of events.

It seems like he began plotting once he knew the prophecy was told to Odin. That totally changes how I perceive him. In essence, he was betrayed first. I can see having his loved ones attacked could lead to him being rather angry.

3: I am unclear on how things work when Odin kills Hela. I partly view it as Loki having to do with her placement. She rules over her realm, but does it exist prior? In my view, complete death exists. Odin knows that Loki loves Hela. Loki has the ability to help, which he creates this place where Nidhoggr cannot touch her. This allows Balder to be killed and be spared destruction.

In my view, this is also something very remarkable and unstated of Loki. He did something that was impossible prior. He changed death so that he did not lose his daughter completely. I have read it that way, but seldom see any supporting views.

4: What effect does this longer term placement have on Balder. Are they completely antagonizing of each other or is there a friendship in the common bond of being together? Clearly, Balder was the victim and not the cause of the problem. It would seem that Loki and Hela would still see him as family despite the feud. I imagine that he would return with much less animosity than has existed during the conflict.

5: I know that most members and observers attribute the Berserk to Odin. I notice, like many things, they seem less prominent during the conflict. I associate my connection to these abilities with Fenrir. I know Odin also has a connection with wolves, yet there is only one lone killer with such ferocity. It is speculated that they dressed as wolves in the past. I wonder if this was, like Loki's many other gifts, something he provided for Odin to use.

Sat Nov 30, 2013 5:29 am
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We can manifest any of the gods' powers when we learn and have the will. Anyone claiming to be other than a friend of the gods should be considered with caution. To assume someone is may be foolhardy. I find that there are some people who can manifest the powers of our gods without knowing our gods, through their own way. If I was to ask him a question I suppose it would be "Are you Loki?"

Sat Apr 05, 2014 2:43 am
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