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The Forum greets AbsenceOfTruth 
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Welcome to the Odin Brotherhood Forum.

Fri Dec 04, 2015 4:50 am
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AbsenceOfTruth, welcome,

Fri Dec 04, 2015 4:58 am

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I came across this forum in frantic research about the ulfhedengangr and bersekergangr.
I have always misunderstood the old faith, with what you learn at school (which I have learned always seems to teach false history, or should I say selective history/selective religion), and has discarded the possibility of thing being true.

I have had this preconeption that it's all jobberish, without even reading one bit of lore of book about it. with nothing except what I have learned from "selective teachings" and how marvel ruined my image of the norse Gods.

Like I said, I came across this forum in a pursuit of research of the Ulfhedengangr/Berserkergangr. Wich I actually started researching the "vikings", or more accuratly the large group old chieftans of ruling Scandinavia from atleast 50A.D to around 1100-1300, nowadays commonly called Vikings.

I started this research because I felt a force. I can't really explain it but I suddenly started feeling a MUST to try to uncover the history of the region, to search for the truth. I felt and still feel like an instrument.

I thought there must be some things the church must have missed to destroy. Or did they ruin the old knownledge almost completely?

I became obsessed with this, I knew that there was a big truth being covered since the massive rise christanity, or catholicism to be exact.
Why else would the church ruin all this knowledge, what could the prehistoric people of scandinavia have known?

For what history can tell of is that "Vikingr" from what is now eastern sweden, used to travel to the balkans on baot and then horse even into the middle east.
In the middle east there hade been writing paper for atleast 4000 yeasr before christ. What common logic told me was that;

EVEN IF PREHISTORIC SCANDINAVIANS COULDN'T MAKE THEIRE OWN PAPER (I have no scientific backings that they couldn't make paper, just proposing this for the for sake of argument) THEY WOULD HAVE WITHOUT A DOUBT TRADED FOR PAPERS AND BOOKS TO WRITE IN WHILST ABROAD,

And with simple logic there should be several book from between 500-1100 scandinavia, biut there are NONE that has survived to this day.

Because how logical isnt it to write things of importance in books, ofcourse the large stones with runes aren't words of importance, they are almost only words of legacy. This is because they must have seen it fit to write thing of importance, things of knowledge, in books and not impractically carving it in a stone. That lore, with no doubt at all, the Catholic Church must has destroyed.

I thought that places uncovered might still hold the truth, but such places are very rare and hard to find.

Back to this site, when I tumbled on this site on my Ulfhedengangr/berserkergangr pursuit. I was looking into old rites they use, wanted to learn what knowledge still was left, not very much found, internet is already censored constantly everywhere, and when it comes to knowledge almost no one knows, It is infinitely times harder to find online.

But then I started to read some of the books you have on the main website.

I saw the page "The Odin Brotherhood" and started reading it. I was awake for the whole night first reading the book. Then I started to search for more information about all this. stayed up several more hourse reading Snorri Sturlassons "Eddaic verses" I realised how much I have misunderstood this belief and how much it resonates in my whole being. I always thought the Norse gods we're depicted to be omnipotent, omniscient, etc etc. But this is exactly how I, since the age of 13, have understood the world. Beings of supreme order are not infallible, are not omnipotent. And most importantly, are actually real.

As folding dimensions are the gateway through the universe, and we can't either fold or or percieve higher dimensions except in a lucid state.
It should only be reasonable that beings of higher dimension both can travel in to our dimension without AND ALSO with Cause and effect.

The three Afterlives and the structure of the dreamstate reality which it inhabits is also one thing that resonated with me immensely, and one thing I have long deemed a truth. Not the three part specifically but the reality structure of the afterlifves.
Three afterlives, one reserved for warriors, on for most people,
and one for those who have been strucken dead by deciet.
(In simpler terms that is, so as not to overspecify things and leave mess of text)
And all three become what you make them. Evil of Good, Sinister or Safe and so forth.

I have had very strange feeling in my dreams since my research began 4-5 weeks ago. Hard to sleep, dreamt of a spider looking at with a soulpiercing look,

Edit: It was as nothing I have ever experienced. And I have experienced some mind bending things most people would never believe possible or imaginable. Not to go into things but experience is a very diverse and rare palette, and I have gotten to taste most of it.

This I bring up to reiterate that this dream was special, and several dreams since have had the same feeling.
But never before, never once, however strange dreams I have had, these ones had feelings and depth to it that I have never experienced through any dream.

I have felt strong calling/urges in my dreams and awake since then, that stresses the feeling of not it only resonating with me, but that it is important somewhpw.
This has been a much stronger than those that have driven me to this pursuit even.
I have several times since shed words to the gods of being prepared to carry any burdon without a reward, to carry the weight of many for nothing in return, and to be called upon the gods to aid them.

Edit: If needed I have prepared myself. I could not say this would have been an easy choice had I not lived the life I lived. I have done many dishonorable things, and many honorable things.
I know what I am and I pledged to change a couple of years ago, I have changed immensely since, but not in my core, in my core I have always been honorable. But I was rotten for a while as misery and confusion led me astray.
I was rotten and things that wither usually don't grow back.
So I am not only happy that I am a stronger and a much better person because of my experiences but I also see the error of my past ways and will neve repeat them again.
I do not have regrets over things, only contemplations over whether it was a good or evil thing. And if I made something evil I will try to correct it, not because I regret but because it was wrong.
Face any challenge, dare take any step. Is a creed men of honor must adhere to I believe.

I am glad to be on this forum not only to connect, but to expand.
I have only but one I have told these things to and she is my heart, wouldn't ever trust anyone else.
As it is more often then not, that a person is imprisoned of hospitalized for shedding or searching a truth to great for most minds.

Thanks for accepting me and I look forward to conversing with you,

Hail Asgard and Odin!

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Fri Dec 04, 2015 6:53 am

Joined: Fri Dec 04, 2015 4:47 am
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Sorry for writing in a way that can be a bit hard to understand, I have a very irregular sleeping schedule and english is not my first language.

Fri Dec 04, 2015 8:19 am
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