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A Question About Ogham 
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I apologize if it's not OK to post about is here, but I need a little help.
First of all, my husband has been dealing with chronic infection ever since he had pneumonia back in September. Now he is back in hospital, and they have him in isolation because the bacteria is penicillin resistant.
Out of the blue last night, I felt compelled to do an ogham casting of 3 staves. (Past, present, future)
While ogham and runes are separate systems, I have always been drawn to both. The ogham represents trees.
What I drew, in English, were Rowan, Ash, Birch.
These seem quite significant, to my mind, and I feel like I should use these to make a talisman. Could this perhaps be something along the same lines as a bindrune?

For those of you who aren't familiar with the ogham, the quick meanings of the staves I drew are as follows:
Rowan: (past) protection against the supernatural, especially the unseen.
This strikes me as significant, because my husband seems to be cursed with bad luck for a long time. Rowan's protective qualities and its representation of the past make me think he was perhaps lacking such protection for quite some time.
Ash: (present) Awareness of fates, choices, paths. Transformation, change, evolution, alertness.
This too really caught my attention, and considering the world tree is said to be an ash, it seems fitting to share this here. Could this ogham be the means to set him on a new course, a chance to change his fate?
Birch: (future) beginnings, preparation, purification. Renewal, regeneration, change. Protection of innocence. New life, fertility, reanimation.
Birch, my favourite tree, pops up quite frequently when I draw ogham. This tree to me represents life and healing, something my husband very much needs.

So now that I've provided a little background info, I can really use some advice. How can I use these to protect my husband and channel healing energies? I was thinking of carving all three onto a single stave, perhaps blooding them and give it to him to keep on him at all times for as long as he needs it.
Does anyone here have any experience with such things using the runes? I know they are different systems, but to me, they feel so similar. I believe the 'rules' that apply to runes would apply just as well with ogham. The big difference is that the ogham is tree lore, and it is not unusual to have each ogham carved onto a stave of the corresponding tree. My own ogham staves came from a craftsman in England who cut each stave from each corresponding tree. I considered loaning him the three staves from my set, but somehow that doesn't feel quite right. I feel like it should all be on 1 stave.

Fri Feb 24, 2017 1:05 pm

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I know nothing about ogham.
I have some experience with runic divination and bindrunes. I'm no expert, but use it in my own practice and more recently have begun to read the runes for people and made a few bindrunes for people.

I re-injured my foot last fall and gained some weight. Then in December, I went on a hike and came home crippled for a few days. I was in so much pain, I did not realize that my whole body hurt until I began to get better.
The whole month of December I did herbal cleanses, fasting, and had a sort of solo spiritual retreat. I burned a (health) bindrune from the STAV tradition on some apple wood and did stadhgaldr for the bindrune every day for weeks. Next thing I know, all these oppurtunities started opening up for me. Not to mention, it brought my awareness to my health daily. I changed my diet to paleo, started going to the chiropractor. Without advertising, all the perfect jobs started coming along for me that did not tax my health too much, but still made a good profit for me to take care of my health needs. Now I am doing martial arts and yoga again. I'm not completely better but I AM SIGNIFICANTLY better. My brother had to have surgery for the same problem and he has an office job. I am out cutting trees, pouring concrete, etc and the only doctor I have seen is the chiropractor.
As of yesterday, I sent the bindrune necklace to another self employed man who found me online and was having similar problems as me and could I make a custom bind rune for him. I told him I would send him the one I was wearing.
If you want to know more about it you can contact me through my blog. Good luck!

Fri Feb 24, 2017 10:55 pm

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Thank you for your input, Sweinodinsson. I will follow up with you on your blog.
I have never done bind runes, so I don't really know where to begin. Meditating on my intent might be a good place to start.
The ogham really doesn't feel different from runes to me. Some are very similar in meaning/essence to runes. They are just different symbols, both systems having a very simple look. The runes feel more —willful, I guess. I don't know how to explain it. The best I can do is try to apply the elements I sense. Earth, force, solid. Take uruz, for instance. It symbolizes to me great strength, both of will and body. With the ogham, I get a gentler feel. More like how a forest feels, the way each tree feels.
Have you ever tried to listen to a tree, to connect with it, let it share its story with you? I have. I grew up spending half my time in the woods, climbing trees, meditating high up in their branches, before I even knew I was doing anything, and the rest of the time on horseback, roaming the countryside, back when there was a countryside. I was 18 when I actually learned what it means to meditate, only to realize I already knew.
Horses and cattle and beasts feel more like the runes feel to me. I wonder how it is for others?
The trees have a way of speaking, not with words. More like memory and feeling. A very old tree, standing all alone in a field. Far across the fields is a woods. This is a common sight, easily overlooked, but when I reached out to the tree, I saw the cleared land around it in a new light. I felt the loneliness, the memory of once standing in the midst of its kin. The tree could sense the woods in the distance, and it longed to be a part of it.
Trees feel sacred to me. Once there were four oaks that stood at the four corners of my grandparents home. I don't think they knew what they were doing when they planted them, but growing up, I knew. The oaks were a protective force, which stood guard around that space. It saddened me when the first tree came down, then another. I can't remember clearly, but I think the first tree came down shortly after my grandfather died. The second was cut down a few years before my grandmother's death.
Ogham is beautiful because it is of the trees. It isn't forceful and mighty the way the runes feel. It is subtler. Both systems appeal to me through their contrasts. IMO, neither is better or worse.

I wish my husband would take up yoga, or something with a similar effect. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I've tried to get him to, he just won't open his mind to it. The only reason he has a halfway decent diet and lifestyle is because I am proactive about keeping healthy. He scoffed when I first turned to organic, now he understands, but not as well as I do. He's an unreasonable Gemini, just like my father, and about half my family. Ha! He is open-minded, but lacks the motivation and willpower to follow through with anything. Things like yoga take will power to practice, to make it a regular part of your life. It isn't immediately easy, and if you're doing it right, it never will be easy, because you will constantly progress to the next level. Its always the same with weak willed people. They try it once or a few times and make an excuse and never try again. As a massage therapist, the thing that drained my energy more than anything was weak willed people. Someone who wants something outside of themselves to make them better. I can't help someone like that.
Funny, though. When my husband is under pressure or it is for his job, no one has yet been able to outperform him once he learns how to do what needs to be done. It was like that when he was in the army, and in all his jobs. Living in the mountains seemed to have the most positive effect on him. Sadly, we are no longer in such an environment.

Sat Feb 25, 2017 12:09 am
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