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A day with a former Odinist 
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A friend I had not seen in years asked me to accompany her to an event and help with her five year old- her spouse initially was not going to attend, I thought- but after meeting me, was afraid I would "taint" his child with religion, or perhaps, "Steal" his woman despite the fact I am happily married.

It was the first time I had been inside their house- and throughout, there were intentionally mangled books on Runes and Odinism, I asked the gentleman what happened and learned he used to be an Odinist and has since converted to outspoken Atheism= where "Anyone who believes in any sort of God or Gods is clearly delusional."

Honestly, he was the most difficult and unpleasant individual with which I ever spent time in a car.

He was ego-driven, dismissive of all peoples who were not him or shared his point of view, and abrasive to a fault. When his little daughter wanted a hug from a person dressed as a cartoon character, he announced loudly "That is just a naked pervert in a furry suit" and made her cry.

It took all day to undo the damage he kept trying to wreck on those around him, especially his woman and child.

I do not know him, his history, or even his real name (because I really do not care to learn it). I do not know if anyone I know even knew him but he owns a DJ company and somehow insists that complete strangers should "Know who he is"- He claims to be "famous". All I saw was an abusive, bald, poorly-aging man filled with bitterness, spite, and ego.

I spent the event under alias so as not to confuse a day helping a friend with her child and religion. There were other Odinist at the event who I knew, but I was in costume and invisible to them- I enjoyed that. ;)

I am sharing this, I think, because I was never so grateful to think to myself [i]After this day, I never need to speak to this horrible human again.[/i]

...and that kept my tongue in check. I realized this was both a test of my patience as well as the God's showing me that They (The Gods) actually DO "kick out" those who are dishonorable and foolish.

The child only cried when he decided to destroy the magic of her childhood with his cynicism, or when she was sleepy.

On the ride back- he was harsh and called our religion "imaginary"- my response to him was a long explanation of how religions and spirituality is not necessary for all people, but for some- it makes them stronger, more honorable people with fuller, richer lives and gives some a sense of community. I explained as humans we cannot know anything conclusively- our minds are incapable of comprehending the full nature of the universe- and that some people use spirituality and the Gods to achieve amazing things via seeing signs, runes, and visions but others who are in the same faith confuse dreams with real UPG and can be very damaging.

I told him I believed the difference between a real or false UPG is if the person who claims the event is improved or is given knowledge they did not have before that is verifiable after the experience. A false UPG gives no insights; it does not motivate the person to improve, change, or grow.

Some people, religion corrupts and makes stronger weaknesses and vices they were already struggling with prior to their conversions, regardless of what path they chose.

After my gentle tirade, he was blessedly silent. My friend drove me home as he watched the daughter- I asked her why she put up with his verbal abuse. Her response was "Oh, he's only like that around strangers." He looks and acts like a man she was in love with a decade ago- equally megalomaniac and abusive.

I felt I told her what someone needed to tell her, but I have a feeling the reason she does not have friends is he does not allow it.

I hope I never have to be in a room with him again- and I am glad she is wise enough not to marry him. I hope one day she finds a worthy mate.

I came home and was incredibly thankful for my spouse and all that Odinism has helped me. I am so very happy to be home, and glad to know that someone like that is no longer one of our kind.

That was a good lesson to learn, and I am thankful for learning it. I am also thankful I can post this experience to this forum and share it here in private.

Hail to the Brotherhood! Thank you for being you...All of you.

Mon Aug 10, 2015 4:50 am
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You should probably avoid all of these people. If the relationship dies, he will blame you.

Mon Aug 10, 2015 10:33 pm
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My thought exactly.

I had not seen the friend in over a decade; I think I've fulfilled my friend-obligation for this decade after this experience.

Wed Aug 12, 2015 4:09 am
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While the prudent part of my mind agrees with OB, there is a little voice asking exactly why, after all the years since you last saw each other, why she felt compelled to reach out to you? Do you think Somebody might have nudged her in your direction for a specific reason?

Wed Aug 12, 2015 7:12 am
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I believe she needed to hear the truth of her circumstance.

I am both of Tyr and Loki- Sometimes my purpose in these matters is to tell the truth no one wants to hear, and then absent the self knowing I can be hated for it if I do not do so quickly enough. I waited until she drove me home.

I informed her she was cohabiting with a more abusive version of her former employer. No one else from her life would see that.

But now that it is said and she heard it, I feel my responsibility is filled and it is up to her to take ownership of why she is miserable and feels so isolated, I doubt her family would be so blunt. Her other children chose to live with their father (her ex husband)- it was clear why.

Her boyfriend did not seem to be physically abusive. Just bitter and miserable to be near.

As I anticipated, I have not heard much from her since. :)

Fri Aug 14, 2015 9:24 am
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By law, I am listed as the "H" word because I am not Asatru (reconstructionist) via my family history as a chaplain. (I am legally Multifaith, but I list my religion as the H word because that is the "common term" for every Odinist in the region.)
Technically, I am Dievturiba and Urglaawe (my family says "Hexerei"- but they have been classified now as Urglaawe). They are both forms of Vanic Odinism.

Sat Apr 09, 2016 8:46 pm
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Eternal Dawn wrote:
I didn't know about Urglaawe. So polytheism survived among the Pennsylvania Germans, when they emigrated a hundred years ago? I do know that most of the population in Europe was still polytheistic to a degree until the Reformation, and the Odin Brotherhood, survived to this day. Although I read Urglaawe is linked with the Troth. I don't like the Troth, they are universalists. Universalism is a monotheistic concept, not polytheistic. Every form of polytheism on earth was originally folkish/racialist, based around their own people, and not for other foreigners. It's not 'racist' at all. Shinto is like this too, for those of Japanese blood, and foreigners who try to be Shinto are often shunned or ridiculed. Unfortunately, some of those who claim to be among us bring their monotheistic mentality, such as universalism. Our spirituality is essentially about ancestor worship, which is honouring our ancestors, and through them, our gods and goddesses. Even universalist religions are based around the racial people that it came from, for example, Islam is heavily Arabic, its practice and terminology is Arabic, so you cannot be Muslim without adopting a large part of Arabic culture. The Bible is centred on the Jews and their stories. Therefore, I hate the Troth. Having every kind of people among them, those who are not of our blood, those who would thrive better with their own racial spiritualities. They attempt to make our spirituality into Christianity 2.0.

I am not a Troth member- the actual name my family used was "Hexerei" which has been classified as part of Urglaawe. Yes, our traditions survived...even more delightful, my father is a Lokean and has been prior to the public interest in Odinism.

They may be ASSOCIATED with the Troth, but my family is folkish, as are most. We call them "The Hidden families" since so many families have practiced in private but remain wary of communities.

....And rightly so. My life has been hell at times for my desire to find kinship in what I (mistakenly) believed was people who were raised like me.

Nope. Just Christians who want to wear furs, fake horns, and drink themselves stupid on mead.

Sun Apr 10, 2016 2:30 am
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The person who coined the term "Urglaawe" is one of the heads of the Troth. That is the only official connection. We are not part of the Troth since each family has their own practices. The Idea behind Urglaawe is to find and preserve those traditions and bring our families together, especially here in Pennsylvania, where so many of us were raised with this "secret" that we are not Christians while being utterly surrounded by them.

Both the Moravian and Lutheran churches protected the Pa Dutch from religious persecution. The Anabaptists maintain some Pow-wow/Native American- based traditions via intermarriage, I believe...but I trace my family back to Switzerland, Austria, and Bavaria on that side.

Sun Apr 10, 2016 2:36 am
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Yes, my family is polytheistic technically- most lean more towards ancestor veneration- most European polytheist families are very wary of outsiders and I went against the wishes of my own family being "public". My maternal grandmother was terrified to share traditions outside of our family and her friends from her culture because most of her people were put to death by Stalin in WWII for them

As for the Pennsylvania Dutch, our language and culture was suppressed for the better part of the 1900's where German was not allowed to be spoken in schools and there were paid government programs to "Americanize" my relatives and the relatives of my friends. I was born in the 1980's, so by that point there were no "Public" family traditionalists meaning groups of reconstructionists, such as the AFA, put forth the false assertion that they were "recreating" worship of the teutonic pantheons which further estranged families of my situation since the interpretations of our Gods was largely nothing more than Christian worship and ideals repackaged offensively with the names of our beloved Gods and ancestors.

So yes, Loki deserves respect. To not respect Loki is to play into the false monotheistic dichotomy that there is "good" and that which is "evil" but nothing more complex. Christianity is a religion of simpletons and fools who wish easy answers, forgiveness without having to make reparations, and slavery- where one must subjugate the self to beg for the "love" of an indifferent or cruel "God" who claims people have free will, but to disobey is to seek eternal punishment.

That is a foolish idea; we are not born to apologize for our existences, nor to "please" people with our supplication, but rather to care for the natural world and grow in wisdom.

Christianity is anti-critical thinking and asks their adherents to suspend critical thinking in favor of "faith"- whereas the Odinist can see proof of the existence of our Gods in life, in dreams, and in signs and runes if we keep our eyes open and strive to understand ourselves and seek greater knowledge.

...which is why our people have been persecuted and called "demonic". The question is: Why is it "demonic" to have Gods who answer us back, but not to have a single God who never does and threatens critical thinkers with his "love" by casting them away into eternal detention and abuse?
That sounds the definition of diabolical.

As for Lokeans- yes, one's patron God can be Loki- and he is a major God to Odinist in that Odin made him blood-brother. In the Hamaval:

Each toast raised to Odin, so too, is raised to his brother-by-blood Loki"

If the head of the pantheon honors him as his intellectual equal and brother, it is not for men to decide if Loki is "worthy" or not and it is unwise to offer Him dishonor. Much of the anti-Loki nonsense is Christian and began with the Snorri translations.

Snorri is a Christian monk who first attempted to record the Edda's, however, considering his background his "lens" (aka bias) was to couch what he heard in our oral traditions into a world view he understood, therefore, Loki became portrayed as much more adversarial like a "Satan" to the "Jehovah" of how he mis-aligned Odin.

We have little in common with monotheism; Odinism recognizes life is not a dichotomy.

Sun Apr 10, 2016 5:13 pm

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I worked as 1 of those furry creatures for a summer..... Do you have any idea how much going nude would chaff???!!!????

Mon Apr 11, 2016 3:12 am
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