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How much of you're heritage is Norse/Germanic? 
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Indo-Europeans are now living in many states. British, Slavic People, Germans, Scandinavians, Italians, and so forth are all Indo-Europeans.

The idea that one type of Indo-European should be preferred over another--before World War II, there were Polish radical parties claiming that Poles were superior, German nationalist parties claiming that Germans were superior, Italian nationalist parties claiming preeminence for Italians--led to a lethal World War that helped start the decline of Western civilization.

Why does the Brotherhood use the Eddas from Iceland? Because they were the last an purest source for the lore.

Mon Dec 24, 2012 7:11 am

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I'll bite, just to participate.

My mother's side is a Heinz 57. Her grandfather's family was a prominent family from Corfu, Greece. Her Grandmother was from Alexandria, Egypt. That is her mother's side. Her father's side was Cherokee, Lakota, Danish, and Welsh.

My father's side is a bit easier to trace. His mother's family is from Denmark. In fact, the family bakery is still there and run by the family. His father's side as far back as we have traced it was northern German. His grandmother's maiden name was Holbein and was a direct descendent of Hans Holbein the Younger.

Family history in a nutshell :) Fun thread!

Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:51 pm

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The British have something of an identity crisis in their country. The Scots have Norse blood, except in Highlands; the country of Ireland was settled by Vikings, but again the question of how prolific they spread their genes is up for debate. The Welsh are interesting in that in the ancient tongue they were called people of the north and are often very fair-haired. Then, there are the English. England was invaded by Angles and Saxons from Germany, Jutes from Denmark,and Frisians from Holland. Later, Danish Vikings invaded and of course, the final invasion was by the Normans, who were Vikings from Normandy. One thing for certain, the Scots, Irish, and Welsh will do anything to distance themselves from any genetic linkages to the English. You hear a lot about the Celts in those countries, but the truth is they are all more similar than they would like to admit. Still, the Irish are probably the least Germanic. Chances are if you are English, you have German or Viking blood. As for the other countries in the British Isles, it would depend on which parts of the country your ancestors come from. The good thing about that region is that most surnames are traceable.

Thu Jun 27, 2013 9:46 pm

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RabeBlutGeboren33 wrote:
It has been my understanding that the Norse gods are our eldest ancestral being, amongst many other things, but pertaining to this post id think it would be important to remember that. I am not an authority on anything, let alone Odinism, Asatru, Wotanism, Irmanism, or anytthing else, so my opinion is simply that, an opinion, but I do strongly believe that its important to atleast have some degree of Germanic or Nordic blood to follow this path, since culture and heritage are so deeply entwined it would seem only natural, but the reverred Aesir will summon whom they see fit and isn't up to me to decide, so be welcome dear kin

Well said. I will add that if anyone isn't Germanic / Nordic at all whatsoever then they must a complete renegade to willfully wish to follow Odinism, as otherwise they might be misguiding themselves, especially if they are still in their teens / twenties and still unsure of themselves.

Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:35 am
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Of my grandparents I know 3 of the 4 surnames are Norman descendant and the 4th is Gaulish.

Sat Jun 29, 2013 8:56 am

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I'm a mix of alot Irish sweetish English and german on my grand mothers side with and Irish family crest with some research I could be linked to Saxon blood with that crest

My grandfather is half Italian and half German

I'm not sure about my fathers side I know of Italian and native American bt that's all I know

Thu Jul 25, 2013 2:57 am

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Both sides and back into the old countries but unless i chose to follow, it matters not. I was drawn to it before i understood. I found the" old country' meaning of my family name is " spear hard ". And we fought Nazis from inside the ranks as well as without. It came at great cost of life and self sacrifice. What you do with your bloodline, is the heritage that matters. Sometimes I am too proud, but I find strength in my heritage.

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Sat Aug 03, 2013 5:37 pm

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My surname is anglo-norman going back many generations and is nordic on my other side.

Sun Aug 04, 2013 9:12 am

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both sides of my family are Norwegian..
baptized catholic
but my fathers family still followed the old gods. not to the extent of our ancestors.. but still held some of the ways.
my fathers family were boat builders for many many generations. masters of their crafts.
my grand father and father still quote Odin and Freya.
my mothers side turned full Christian, generations back.
only after enquiries have I been told about my fathers side... our family had many traditions and views that didn't sit well with Christians but it was our family and the way we were brought up.
so how much of this makes my family and myself norse?

Sun Feb 22, 2015 4:19 am
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My grandfather was a Baltic-German officer who worshiped the old Gods, my other side is Amish Hexers.

It means nothing other than I was raised with the Gods. Anyone who does not possess my bloodline can do anything I can do...and likely much better than I can.

The only advantage I have over other Odinists is I can't be "kicked out" of how I was raised. When I entered the greater Odinist community I discovered a lot of people did not share in all of my beliefs, some even hated me. Some claimed they could "kick me out" of Odinism.

But... that would be rather like trying down to kill a tree by removing a dozen leaves.

I think it is more likely someone who was not raised Odinist to leave this path and move to other ones, those who have family from Northern and Eastern Europe, the Urglaawe, and Icelandic Peoples have much more support and background- even if those who taught them were indifferent.

The difference was being taught indifferently regarding Odinism rather than Christianity :)

Wed Jul 29, 2015 1:31 am

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I'm excited to find this out. I'm going to be taking an ancestry dna test soon. I'll let you guys know.

Wed Jul 29, 2015 2:43 am
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i am from my last 4 lines beign considered eitheir brazilain in portuguese but doing my fmaily tree lineage i have a danish relative long far away perhaps thats the only piece of blood who is norse/germanic on me but that doesnt not avoid me to hail our gods and ahil mt ancestors

Wed Jul 29, 2015 2:50 pm

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I doubt if I have any Norse/Germanic on my mother side of the family. My mother family came here on the mayflower and help build one of the first English settlements in America. My mother family can trace their heritage all the way back to Jamestown.

If I have any Norse/Germanic heritage it would have to come from my dad side of the family. My dad family looks German and even has a German name. My Dad would often tell me we are related to the Teutonic knights. I have no idea if whether or not that's true, but it wouldn't surprised me.

Wed Aug 19, 2015 7:26 pm
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Being an American in this day and age means you are prolly a great mix of things. I myself am Irish and Scottish. My wife is First generation German-American, her parents being from Germany. Our son is thus a Celtic-German mix. We identify as Odinists despite our varied lineage.

Mon Jan 04, 2016 1:10 am

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The Old Ones call whom they will. I don't think so-called 'race' matters to them overly.
I have read that some believe their are spiritual 'tribes', with specific clans of Gods and Goddesses
watching over a preferred people.

Others do not hold to this theory.

I would suggest it is the choice of the Old Ones as to who they may or may not involve themselves with...if at all.

In my own case, like many, I am a mix of bloodlines ranging from the north of Europe to the lands of North America.

Wed Jan 06, 2016 4:46 pm

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I am a strange mix, I am Russian & Kurdish raised in sweden. As such I never grew up with religion because of my parents dislike of Abrahamistic religions and their true values.

I identify with Norse Paganism, of several reasons,

1. It is a true and honest way to live, but also its attraction lies in the more ethereal and more logical mythology. When deciphering the messages of the tales of the old north, they cling much more true.
One example is the rebirth of the universe at ragnarok.
I read this as; The powers of the universe clash and collide and brings upon cataclysmic events until it collapses, dies, and is reborn from the implosoin of its massive collapse. into a new universe where the essence, the "souls" of all, the source of existance, are still present and will be reborn.
But this might only be my subjective interpetation. But I like to think that that is what the true meaning of the tale of ragnarok is.

2. I have always been drawn to runes and have always had an esoteric view of things, and as such symbols must have an "esoteric value" if you will. A vlue that transcend words, like the runes are said to be. As the tales of Odin correspondingly says he lived with the Vanir to be taught the true meanings behind the runes, I also belive there is a value that trancends words, but one must leanr it's true value before one can use a symbol in such a powerful way.

3. It is a culture similar to my fathers in its values, now I speak of kurdish values and NOT muslim values. it is a GREAT difference,

Note on this; Even though many kurds today are muslims and have mixed kurdish/muslim values, that is mostly because Saddams Husseins forced Arabisation of their region in Iraq as he wanted to wipe out kurdish culture and values, as many arab states have wanted to do during the ages.
as a note on that; all of my uncles and even my father were Peshmerga then and they were all politically enganed and military engaged in fighting saddam husseins oppression. and the Peshmerga and YPG are the only real defence in the middle east NOW against ISIS.

4. As my mothers values have also been very similar to what norse Paganism and her blood is Russian.
Which stems from Rurik Rus's Settlement and creation of the Kievan State and later the Moscow State.
The relevancy of Russian blood to norse paganism and norse people of scandinavia is that his dynasty ruled Russia until 1500s when their bloodline took two directions, one of which was the bloodline of the last Tsar, Nikolai the 2nd.

Fri Mar 04, 2016 6:41 pm
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I am sorry - read the whole thread - and I still have a question: What's the catch?
What do you want to say - Are the Slavic people of German heritage? The first Russian state (so called Kiev Rus) was established by Varjags (Vikings). And later the Russian Chieftain (Knyaz) Alexander Nevskiy defeated Swedish and Teutonic Knights protecting the land from the Catholic invasion (to be fair, he was following the Orthodox Christianity).
How Germanic/Norse I am - half Saame/half Polish and born in the USSR.
Now I live in Ireland.

Sun Mar 27, 2016 3:50 pm
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AnDie wrote:
I am sorry - read the whole thread - and I still have a question: What's the catch?
What do you want to say - Are the Slavic people of German heritage? The first Russian state (so called Kiev Rus) was established by Varjags (Vikings). And later the Russian Chieftain (Knyaz) Alexander Nevskiy defeated Swedish and Teutonic Knights protecting the land from the Catholic invasion (to be fair, he was following the Orthodox Christianity).
How Germanic/Norse I am - half Saame/half Polish and born in the USSR.
Now I live in Ireland.

Latvia usually gets "lost" in these debates- but I can say that my family and their friends worship Odin and the Gods with their own naming convention.

Perkuns to Thor is the easiest one to compare, then it's a pretty straight forward comparison from there. My family religion was given the name "Dievturiba" (with a bunch of accent marks) only last year- there are 700.

My grandmother teaches me, but I do not speak Lettish/Latvian so I do not get the honor to learn from others... I did learn from many of her friends prior to their deaths about Laika, Laima, Mara, Janis, and the other Dieva's.

Dievs, apparently, is now being equated to Tyr as head of their pantheon- he is the God of all soldiers as well as leaders and diplomats.
(Keep in mind, I'm getting this information second hand and orally) Up until last week, I was not aware Latvians even had a war God and believed Dievs to be their version of Jehovah.

So...Are we Odinist, or are we something else? I do not think it matters since small populations such as those of the Latvians in my family contribute to the greater narrative of Odinist Lore and history.

The Pennsylvania Deitsch/Urglaawe are very similar in that our names for the Gods are Germanic instead of Norsk:
Tyr: Ziu
Loki- Einspiggle
Thor- Donar...

....and others. I think Rob Schweirer of the Troth did a post on the Pennsylvania German Gods that has the absolute correct spellings and the complete correlations.

For the Latvian, I have been working with other half-Baltics trying to figure out the correlations amongst ourselves via the internet and comparison of names/lore/domains. I worry because what they refer to as their "arch druid" (they want no association even in name with American A-tru/Hthry/etc.) is 88 years old, in poor health, and grandma is unaware if he has someone to take his place either in the USA or Latvia.

It's not where you are from- it's what you are from, perhaps. There are many Latvian Lutherans and Baptists as well. However, there have been very few people I have met who have been raised European Polytheist who are as "public" as I am. Most indigenous Odinists still do not trust outsiders much. I think it's to everyone's detriment they do not since numbers dwindle as years pass- and each generation seems more agnostic than the last in every religion.

Tue Mar 29, 2016 5:41 pm

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Hail to all my brothers and sisters of the Gods!

I myself, am Germanic/Russian on one side. On the other I am Scottish/British. I believe myself to be the offspring of Odin. I hold within my mind, the belief that Odin interacted with a great grandmother of mine in one of his Midgaard visits and created the offspring of which I belong. I truly believe in the concept of Ancestry being integral to our way, however I am fine with Universalists. I believe anyone can answer the call. Hail To The Mighty Gods!


Fri Apr 22, 2016 5:37 am

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Through my Grandmother, I am descended from the Donald clan. The Grandfather of Donald (the clan founder) was called Somerled, and married a descendent of Harald Hardrada (Ragnhild Olafsdottir). Ragnhild's father was descended from Ímair of Dublin, considered by some to be Ivar the Boneless, son of Ragnar Loðbrok.

Somerled is thought to have possibly 500,000 living descendants, so I'm not that special. But the blood of the Norsemen flows through my veins.

Fri Apr 22, 2016 10:04 pm
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