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Protected by Thor on a journey.. 
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Hail to all of you.

Well the wife and I went on a vacation up north
about 10 hours away from where we live. We spent
time with her family in an off the grid property with
no electricity, running water or anything. It was great.

The night before we left I carved an amulet using
the runes to protect my wife and her vehicle and
all her travels on a piece of wood. That morning I
blooded it to activate the runes so their magic will

Well, we smoke herb regularly and I do live an
outlaw lifestyle. Anyways I always honor the
Gods by sharing my herb with them so that they
too can enjoy and indulge up high.

Anyways 5 minutes after smoking one during our
trip I hail Thor and throw him some to the wind.
We hit a police roadblock 5 minutes after smoking
and honoring Thor.

Our vehicle stunk of the herb. I also had it in
my posession as well as war tools. My wife was
disobeying the law with her license. As we get
closer to the cops, my wife and I hail Thor and
I sit as we approach with confidence the God of
Thunder will protect us.

My wife gets questioned by the cop gives the
cop her license, three seconds later the cop
lets us continue on our journey. Amazing.

My wifes vehicle would have been impounded.
Her license would have been pulled and I would
have been arrested and charged with weapons
offenses and held for three days in city cells
before seeing a judge the following Monday.

Luckily Thor protected my wife and I. I know that
the rune amulet I carved played a part and the
mighty protector of Midgaard saved my wife and I
from serious catastrophic problems.

We got through the roadblock without a problem
and got home safe on our journey. The Gods are
very real..



Tue Sep 22, 2015 5:36 pm
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You were very fortunate. I am a medical cannabis patient- and I also offer part of my medicine to the Gods- but mostly to Freyr.

In the future- I suggest this: Never bring more with you than can be eaten easily.

As you travel, may all things that may bring you trouble with the law be secured as legally as possible.

If that is not your way/path, the next best is store your war tools in places that are not easily visible- most vehicles have removable components inside that are large and not readily searchable. Under the dashboard- inside of doors, UNDER the center compartment is usually a very large empty space in most vehicles. If it takes you 15 minutes to hide it- it takes others, hours of searching to find it. War tools have no scent any police seek, as far as i am aware.

You were incredibly fortunate... but I personally urge you to use caution.

If it were me in your shoes- I would keep my legal weapons on me with my gun license (if you can)- smoke with windows open in a safe location if you are making offerings as well, and the rest- like this brotherhood- is to be secret to only your family.

For herb- in unsafe places- even doctors urge "Carry no more than you can eat immediately". If there is no herb in the car- no laws are broken. You will lose your herb in a way, but you will save your freedom- allow it to nourish you as food so you do not resent the loss of it.

A man needs no more than a single weapon to end a battle...but weapons are only for when words have failed.

Be full of care and I wish your family safety as you travel...but you may not be so fortunate without increased vigilance

Hail to Thor- He is one who tends to follow Sacred law and turn away from the laws of men that disgust him: This I gathered from my few, pleasant interactions with Him. (I once believed the Asatru that Thor hates those who love Loki- this is untrue- and Thor is a God of LARGE gestures.)

But even still- caution and secrecy are your closest allies in this life you have chosen.

Wed Sep 23, 2015 7:54 am
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My UPG is that Thor has a love for those who live their lives with reckless abandon.

I am glad that your journey went well, Hail Thor indeed!

Wed Sep 23, 2015 9:56 am
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i also think you very fortunate bucky. Hail Thor my friend!

Wed Sep 23, 2015 5:02 pm

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All honour goes to Thor for my safety.

I told my wife the other day, that the
Gods were probably sitting around in
Asgaard smoking my offerings and
enjoying themselves watching with
humor at how white my wife turned
as we approached the roadblock..

I held my faith firmly and I believe that
the God of Thunder knew it was serious,
and obviously appreciated my offerings
and saved us. Hail to the son of Odin!
Hail the protector of Odins Chosen!

Hail Thor!


Thu Sep 24, 2015 1:02 am
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