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ancestral altar 
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I realize that this is not a big deal or even really all that metaphysical, but I thought it was worth sharing:

I had some unexpected expenses come up this month, leaving me with no money in the first week of the month.

Today is my late "maw maw's" birthday. She was an incredible....extraordinary woman by anyones standards. Hail Maw Maw!

Earlier today, I went to my ritual fire pit and gave her some yogurt she liked and some green tea, apologized for not having her favorite coffee and told her I was broke...sorry.... and told her happy birthday and told her what I had been up to and that I love and miss her. It was nice. As I walked away I could feel my body get warm like when you get a hug and I could hear her voice in my head telling me she loved me.

I went about my day and this evening as I was laying down to go to bed early, I remembered how I meant to get into her box on my ancestral altar.

My ancestor altar at my current location has a picture of a former lover and a letter I wrote her when she died (we were soul family and im still in with her blood family...and she saved me from something bad one time, so she goes on the ancestral altar). I also have a picture book of my ancestors on one side of the family and two cigar boxes with family heirlooms, one for each set of grandparents. I opened the box that my maw maws things were in to look at them and tell her that I hope she had a good birthday. There was $200 sitting there!
I put it there. It wasn't a supernatural act... At one time, I hid $200 in that particular box, because she and my paw paw were very good with money and I thought it would be safe there. I completely forgot that I had done that. I would have gone the next week struggling had I not decided to honor my ancestor on her birthday. I know I put it there, but that is like her...she was really THE single most generous person that I ever met, to this day. Not just to me her grandson, but her employees, and strangers too.

While I am on the topic of honoring ancestors and how generous she was, I would like to tell a story about my Maw Maw and Paw Paw. They were both raised in the great depression and were very country folk. Paw paw had an 8th grade education and died with two houses, my maw maws two businesses he helped start and a million dollars in the stock market. He was also in WW2, Korea, and Vietnam. After he retired from the military, he worked as a government contractor building war machines. You never would have thought it because he always dressed like everyone else and drove 16 year old vehicles. He was also very quiet and humble. His favorite foods were beanie weanies. <---this is important for the story

It was the week of Thanksgiving. I was a little boy. In the back of my maw maws business, he found a man and a woman dumpster diving. He told them to get out of the dumpster. They thought they were in trouble. He talked to them and asked them what they were doing. They told him that they were homeless and hungry and just looking for food. He told them it wasn't right that they were homeless during Thanksgiving and that he was remodeling his rental house getting ready for some new tenants. If they were willing to paint the interior, they could stay in the rental house for the holidays and he would pay them.
Thanksgiving day came about and my Paw Paw and Maw Maw were talking. She asked him did he take them any food for Thanksgiving... "Of course - I took them a bunch of beanie weenies!" (That was my Paw Paws favorite food. He was really giving from his heart.) My Maw Maw scolded him telling him, "YOU CAN'T GIVE THEM BEANIE WEENIES FOR THANKSGIVING!" So they went to the store together and bought a turkey and all the trimmings and took it to the homeless couple. Hospitality.

Hail to the ancestors. May we all strive to rise worthy of them while living our own lives. Maybe one day, our descendants will look at our pictures or re tell our story and be inspired and motivated to be the best that they can be.

Mon Mar 13, 2017 2:05 am
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Thank you for sharing that Swein, it is by sharing the stories like this of our loved ones that they are kept alive.

Mon Mar 13, 2017 9:29 pm

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Seconded. Thank you for sharing. It brought to mind my own southern grandparents. I have their wedding picture now, which hung above their bed for as long as I've been in this world. Other photos of them also prominently displayed in my home. I wear my grandmother's engagement ring as my wedding ring. One day it will be passed on to my daughter. That will be a hard thing for me to give away. She is still too young to understand my stories of them, but I tell her what I can, and she knows the names that my siblings and I called them.
There is no real physical alter, just a few keepsakes and their memory. Hardly a day goes by that I do not think of them.

Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:23 pm
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