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A dream from my mother
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Author:  BjornBerserk [ Thu Dec 28, 2017 1:44 am ]
Post subject:  A dream from my mother

A very fascinating thing happened, once when I was out camping in the forest by myself, a time when I had a most profound spiritual insight I returned home to find a call from my mother. The same night I was out she had a terrible dream that during a family reunion I had gone missing. I was in the backyard, dead and cut to pieces. She was most distressed by this, but all I could think of was Osiris. A friend of her's told her that often a death in a dream is not always a bad thing, ussually it symbolizes that a person has undergone a change and is in a new stage in their life.

It was certainly a meaningful coincidence and evidence to me that everything I am experiencing not only impacts myself.

Author:  RedSon [ Fri Dec 29, 2017 3:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A dream from my mother

In light of the rest of your story I can see the wisdom of your mother's friend's interpretation of the dream. I think the lesson of interconnectivity is an important one and I appreciate your willingness to share your personal experience. It reminds me of an occurrence in the Lore that takes a bit of a different turn: Glaumvor dreamed of gallows, worms, a bloody sword, a spear, hungry wolves, a river, & dead women in mourning and felt an urgency to warn her husband. Even though he believed her, Gunnar seemed to be taken by the adage "'Gainst the norns wins no one," and runs head first, as it were, to his destiny. The concluding lesson in the Lore is different than Gunnar's interpretation: a "woman's lot is worsened ay by warriors' recklessness." A warning, accepting the norns, and a responsibility to be mindful of the impact of our choices on others. It seems to me that dreams only benefit those who thoughtfully consider them, not those who simply act on them.

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