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A Communication from a Ragnar Runalavage 
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This communication was forwarded. Since it is the product of thought, it is worthy of a post here. Of course, individuals are free tom agree or disagree according to their own lights.

Extraordinary Mortals,

After deeply reflecting on Ragnar Redbeard's 'Might is Right or The Survival of the Fittest', I read a translation of the Eddaic Verses and combined with my own personal experiences - it seems to me the Vikings were warning us - I came up with the following:

Loki meaning Fire represents the false desire within and Angrboda meaning Distress-Bringer represents false fear within. Their 'offspring' are a manifestation of the neurotic collective consciousness of our planet at this time.

The goddess 'Hel' from this 'union' is an inseparable desirable woman exposed while her garments conceal a rotting corps (think Statue of Liberty). She represents the inextricable 'union' of church and state or religion and politics - belief requires authority and authority (laws/commandments) requires belief - they are also inseparable - they can not exist exclusively. While on the 'surface' they appear as something desirable and 'necessary' - 'underneath' or in reality they are both rotten with corruption at their core - or should I say 'at their corps'?

The 'Midgard Serpent' encircles the 'World of Men', 'underneath the water' or subconsciously, and bites his own tail. If the head and tail are represented by triangles and overlap to symbolize the 'biting' it reveals the 'Star of David' or the Jewish international banker. Worthless paper currency, or money, flows through our world at such an unconscious level that it is 'accepted' without question.

Finally, 'Fenris Wolf' or currently revealed as FedRes Wolf or commonly understood as the Federal Reserve Wolf is the 'perfect union' of the elements of the goddess Hel and the elements of the Midgard Serpent to produce the dreaded creature from Jekyll Island - total global slavery.

With the above in mind I paraphrase Ragnar Redbeard from my own perspective - not very poetic but it works.

“It is easier to believe a lie that one has heard a thousand times than to believe a fact that no one has heard before. The delightful story-teller who prints a pleasing yarn, coined out of his alcoholic imagination, is known as a gifted author; but the blunt writer who interprets facts and proclaims them openly is an incarnation of iniquity, madness, blasphemy – a veritable [Jewish Demon], Satan.” Ragnar Redbeard

An Axe-Age, a Sword-Age, shields will be gashed: there will be a Tempest-Age and a Wolf-Age before the 'World of Men' is wrecked.

The Axe-Age is the Matriarchal Society with the latter ages representing the degenerating stages of a Patriarchal Society I will refer to as blessings.

There are three 'IDOLS' – distinct yet parallel species of the blessing.

The First represented by the 'Church' is the 'IDOL' of the Social Blessing. The Priestly motto founded on the precept “Love thy Neighbor as Thyself.” According to the Priest, the main features of the conditions of social progress are Christian Churches, Christian Schools, Christian Governments and Christian Ethics in Economics. The easiest way to enslave a people is to wheedle it into or impose upon it counterfeit ethics, that is to say, fraudulent standards of morality. For two thousand years these fraudulent superlatives have been trumpeted to the remotest corner of every Christian land, and yet they have dismally failed to inaugurate the much foretold Earthy Paradise. They were preached by bare-foot monks at the inauguration of the Dark Ages in order that those saintly lovers of the common people might creep into the administration of cooperative wealth and power.

When the Church triumphed the Axe-Age concluded and the Sword-Age commenced and the Priest ruled and plundered through the mythological rapacious agent of 'Jesus Christ.' Over nations, empires and colonies in vassalage hangs the 'Idol-Sign' of the Brazen Crucifix – 'Cain's Mark' or symbol of the Circumcised Penis – that exacerbates ALL ill.

The Second represented by the 'State' is the 'IDOL' of the Political Blessing. The political motto founded on the precept “Each for All, and All for Each,” NOW, the Priestly Ethics are revived and this time dressed up in 'Collectivism' or Social-Economic laws. Lawyers, 'commanded' by the preacher and 'inspired' by the scientist, are the National 'rent-tax' collectors; administrators of everything in general and all-round Distributors of State Pensions to “the poor and needy.” Has not mankind had sufficient experience of what politicians ACTUALLY are? Moral Dogmas are MANUFACTURED to suit the occasion, and are always used as Instruments of Intimidation. Thus it happeneth that the WORDS 'politician' and 'thief' are NOW interchangeable terms. No matter how eagerly MADMEN may try to do it, there is no known process whereby THEY can jump out of their own skin or extract gold from lead. Christian or Socialist churches, paternalisms, schools, governments, administrations, ethics and moralisms (even if genuinely Christian and Fraternal) would be wholly impotent to change the Natural Course of things and therefore powerLESS to 'command' the survival of mental and physical cripples. As repeatedly demonstrated, THEY cannot do it. NO! Not even if THEY had a Lamb of God in every city, ready to be 'crucified' each Friday afternoon in order to 'celebrate' a Christian Resurrection.

When the State triumphed the Sword-Age declined into the Tempest-Age and the 'Eloquent Agitator' ruled and plundered through the equally rapacious 'hidden' agent of 'Secret-Society' puppeted as the 'Political Scientist' – trademark – 'All Seeing Eye.'

The Third represented by the 'Hebrew' is the 'IDOL' of the Economic Blessing. Two Millenia of Evangelization – with a Hebrew Bible as basis whose motto “In God We Trust” - has resulted in WHAT? The political, social, financial and philosophical domination of – Jehovah – the Hebrew. We study His falsified chronicles, His melancholy literature and His pathetic out-pourings, as if in such a neurotic heap of genital mutilation the 'Saving Grace' was to be found. The easiest way for a Nation to be Plundered by a band of public Robbers, is for THEM to issue Counterfeit Currency, and exchanged it for Intrinsic Values – NPR – Nation Plundering Robbers! Israel is Absolute Dictator because He is Absolute Proprietor. The gold and the silver and the 'credits' of the 'World of Men' belong to Him, and as long as He hires THEM to utilize the science or 'military' arm of 'government' in the collection of His 'LOANS' – in 'DEFENSE' of His ironclad safety-vaults, He is an irresponsible Jehovah-Jormungand. Not an 'Acre' changeth 'Hands' – not a 'Battle-Ship' lifts 'Anchor' - not a 'Plowshare' cleaves 'Soil' - not a 'President' vetoes 'Bill' - not a 'Diplomat' signs 'Protocol' - not an 'Emperor' waves 'Saber' - not a 'Terrorist' ATTACK 'Orchestrated' - not a 'Country' declared 'Independent' - not a 'Violent' uprising 'Staged' - not a 'Disaster' area 'Aided' - not a 'News' story 'Reported' - not a 'Movie' film 'Produced' - not a 'Television' or 'Radio' production 'Broadcast' - not a 'Pop' song 'Played' - not an 'American' idol 'Crowned' - not an 'Athlete' permitted 'Competition' - not an 'Internet Service' or 'Cell Phone' provider 'Activated' - not a 'Market' share 'Traded' - not an 'Energy' company 'Authorized' - not a 'Hypothesis' christened 'Science' - not a 'Global Warming' HOAX 'Peddled' - not a 'Population' census 'Conducted' - not a 'Pathetic' minority 'Coddled' - not a 'Government' identification 'Issued' - not a 'Border' crossed 'Legally' - not a 'Recreation' or 'Mode' of travel 'Licensed' - not a 'Loan' application 'Approved' - not a 'Paycheck' direct 'Deposited' - not a 'Child Support' PAYMENT 'Coerced' - not a 'Healthcare' system 'Implemented' - not a 'Drug' prescription 'Filled' - not a 'Drug' cartel 'Busted' - not a 'Tax' ASSESSMENT 'Collected' - not a 'Monopoly' conglomerate 'Merged' - not a 'Bailout' SWINDLE 'Justified' - not a 'Written' WORD 'Published' without 'Direct Commandment' from the 'hidden' Midgard Serpent - 'God's Most Cunning Creature' that encircles 'The World of Men' and bites His own tail – Star of David – 'Lemech's Mark' or Symbol of the Hebrew Potentate.

When the Hebrew triumphed the Tempest-Age degenerated into the despotic Wolf-Age and the banker encircled Midgard through His worthless 'Paper-Currency' of DEBT – Gentile word for slavery!

Over Midgard held in bondage looms the dread shadow of Three Blessings in one PARASEMITE – Three-Headed creature from Jekyll Island – Fenris Wolf – Three Golden ***** – 'Federal Reserve System's Mark' or Symbol of Slavery!

AMERICA! 'Vatican Colony' where the FedRes Wolf RAGES and 'We the Gentiles' imagine THEY 'sacrifice' THEIR 'income' between the jaws of the Federal Reserve Wolf on order to 'save' THEIR fellow Americans from 'TERRORISM' – VAIN INDEED!

I am still on my personal quest to give myself to Myself but that is what I came up with - hope you enjoyed. Your website ROCKS!!!

Rock On,


Mon Nov 15, 2010 12:44 am
An interesting post and well thought out, but I feel it is a post that only an American could have posted, that has America pivotal to all.

Mon Nov 15, 2010 9:31 am
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VERY interesting stuff there - much food for thought!

Mon Nov 15, 2010 7:06 pm

Joined: Mon Sep 08, 2014 6:04 am
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Agreed. Very good. Lots to chew on there but definitely from an American point of view, but America is rather pivotal to the rest of the world so long as Fed Res Ulf is supplying the worlds reserve currency.

Sat Oct 11, 2014 6:10 am
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There certainly is a lot to think about in this post. I agree with those who've pointed out that it is very American centric in interpretation. While the Creature from Jekyll Island, the U.S. Federal Reserve is mentioned, the same things might be said for any other of the national banks worldwide. They are all created for the benefit of the very wealthy few at the expense of the rest of us. It seems to me if we were being warned about this kind of thing then it is likely to have been a generic warning about currency manipulation and the efforts of a few self-abosrbed "elites" to shape culture to benefit themselves alone. Not certain our ancestors would have understood the problem of fiat currency though, since it's such an absurd concept they may not have ever conceived of such a thing. But I agree that it is exactly this kind of manipulation that is being used to bring about world wide slavery of the masses.

I also wonder about the idea that we moved from a matriarchical society in the Axe Age to some kind of degenerate patriarchy in the ensuing ages. In our legends men and women were created at the same time, as equals and as partners. Not one before the other as the monotheists claim. Matriarchy strikes me as just as unbalanced as partriarchy. On that basis it seems to me that degeneration would have already set it in the Axe Age as it would be a step down from a balanced time of men and women having equal influence and power in society. While I'm not a huge fan or Rianne Eisler, I think she is correct that there was a time when men and women were equals across the board. Matriarchy and patriarchy would then be signs of a degeneration and beginning descent into what we've become today.

While I do agree that the Abrahamic world view has been disastrous to our kind, I'm also cautious about blaming the "Hebrews" for the degeneration we've experienced. It was our nobles, our warriors who sold out to the Church in return for power and money. Whether Norse, Saxons, Normans, Angles or other, it was our kings, lords and chiefs, supported by large parts of the warrior class, that forced conversion on our people. The armies the Church used to do this were made up of our own people, not Jews, not Arabs, but our own Northern Eurpean kin.

Having said all of that, the post is well thought out and has many things that are worthy of pondering and reflecting upon.

Mon Oct 13, 2014 8:22 pm
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I feel that studying the lore, as well as established writings such as Might is Right is can provide valuable insight to current and developing circumstances that we find ourselves in. Seeking not just knowledge but the understanding that comes from applying that knowledge is a vital step in our personal growth.

Mon Oct 13, 2014 11:00 pm

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It is an interesting thought. Our reliance on these systems is our weakness. Like a poison, it slowly kills us. I can see a complete overlap in reasoning. The growth and consumption of the wolf is evident. Our shift from honor to currency in banking standard is a battle against Odin. He has been devoured, as we shifted toward credit and abstract notions of personal worth. What really adds up in his logic is that a sudden death blow to these systems would do just what is foretold.

We would see the world collapse. People have gotten weak and become too interwoven with many of these supports. Our world is caught up even purifying water and maintaining a natural standard from the industrial growth. So, even those in remote areas that seems to be reliant on themselves would likely perish when upkeep stopped. It would fit that only those few, if not only one man and woman, would be saved from the full harsh reality of existence suddenly trust back upon mankind.

Wed Oct 15, 2014 4:24 am

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Its more a product of mixing our lore with popular myth. To many theories spreading widely throughout the web. Its creative but boring.

Like the O.B. should be a secret brotherhood. Now the only secret that remain is from which tree the books are made of.

What Odin wishpers in your ear stays a secret. When three know,all know.



Fri Oct 24, 2014 2:08 pm
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Good post. I watched Zeitgeist over a decade ago. I respect propositions like this one as there is wisdom in them. I've never read Might is Right. But I, along with the rest of the anthropological community, have come to the conclusion that Tribalism is a much fairer system of social organisation. This conclusion was reached through first-hand experience with modern tribes in South America and Africa. What we have today is indeed slavery and I'd bet my hat that the gods do not think highly of the world as it is today.

Sat Oct 25, 2014 9:45 pm
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