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astral projection/lucid dreaming 
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i'll try to relate astral projection and weird/ very intense dreams with ghosts, alien abductions and religion.
if you didn't hear about lucid dreaming, lucid dreaming means that while you're dreaming, you become aware of you dreaming and you can do almost anything you want. this is scientifically proven to be true. now there is also something called astral projection and scientits dont take it so serious because it talks about the human "soul" or "spirit" or anyway, getting out of your body and wondering around. i never had such experience, but, what did happend to me, i was once sleeping and as i woke up, i couldn't move my body, i was hearing a very weird sound, i felt vibrations around me, the room was luminated in a strange light, i felt my body floating, and i saw around me some human forms. those who claim to be able to astral project say this happens before you astral project. i belive this may be the explanation behind ghost, alien abduction, and gods. i tried to experience more but astral projection is something to try if you don't have nothing better to do in real life. why do i make this connection between astral projection and all i mentioned? because, some of those who astral project(or it may be just some kind of very intense dream) say they see people who died. to some, astral projection happens when they're barely conscient, like after an accident ( a very common depiction in movies and folklore beliefs, that somebody dies and he appears as a ghost and see himself etc), and people who say they were abducted by aliens, the most common depiction of this, wheather it be a cartoon or a movie, "aliens" seem to come only when you're sleeping, they put a light around you and your body starts to flow to their spaceship. i belive the coincidence is to big to be just a coincidence. now, the gods, and some of you strong belivers will be very angry but i don't want to change nobody's beliefs nor do i want to look as i know them all, i just simply come with some theories and say "look, doesn't it look interesting? what if so and what if that?" so now lets get back and think, what if our ancestors had this intense dream, or astral projection, and they saw what they saw and in a lack of logical explanation, they said that what they were seeing are gods. there is also a theory that some vikings were eating some halucinogenic mushrooms before battle, and so they had all kind of halucinations and they truly saw something thus the final proof for gods.
now, it may look like everything is just a simple ilusion, but i still ask myself, why do we have this halucinations and how do they happen, how can a simple chimical reaction, as the scientists say, make all this happen, what give us conscience and make us thought, i can't understand how chimical reactions can be the origin of all this, so i'm split in my beliefs.
this was sometihng to put your mind to work, it's not something to be taken too serious or in laughter, it's something to think when yo have nothing better to do, it's something that may be true, a point from which you can start and explore, or it can be all just a simple ilusion that will push our minds in an endless vacuum

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You're a very interesting person, Kazimir Wulfric. It was a pleasure to read your words. Thank you for sharing them!

Thu Jun 26, 2014 1:14 am
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