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Northern Traditions for the Solitary Practitioner 
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I have known about this book for quite a while and have put off reading it, because of some opinions of others. Odin keeps his eye in the well of Mimir and has Hugin and Munin to scout the multiverse. I have been trying to learn from his example.

There are many things that I have found in this book to be true. There are also several things in this book that I disagree with.

The author quotes many other peoples opinions. It is definitely pointed in a certain direction, which you can decipher yourself.

One thing I found interesting is how several times in the book they presumed to know how some of us think.

It was said in the book that some denominations of Odinism refuse to kneel/bow before the gods because they believe they are equals...
It failed to mention that some of us do not bow and kneel before the gods because we are not slaves, and still do not believe we are
equals either.

Me personally, the only one I have kneeled before is Freyja. I got down on one knee as I read her a poem I wrote, because I was performing a rite and Freyja is the goddess of love and I thought she would appreciate that. Our gods our individuals just like us....This, I thought the author conveyed quite well and repeatedly.

I thought the book was fairly balanced for it being written by someone who seems to hold a lot of opposing views to myself. I DID learn a few things in it.

Personally, the things that I did not like have to do with the chapters on prayer/ worship. Due to the way I grew up and my former roles in christian ministry, I cringed as it reminded me much of that. At the same time, I was reminded that we should not-NOT do something, just because a christian does it.

All in all, there is no harm in reading this book and for someone who does not have much of a spiritual background I would even suggest reading this book - cautiously.

Tue Jan 03, 2017 11:38 pm

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"Lore is a wonderful thing. Study of the lore can provide great insight into the nature of our Gods and Goddesses. I think it's important though that this study never be used in place of active, experiential devotion to the Gods. One shouldn't limit the Gods by virtue of lore. They're not characters in a book, after all! Study of lore should enhance one's faith and practice, not limit it." -Sophie Oberlander

Galina Krasskova. Northern Tradition for the Solitary Practitioner (Kindle Locations 1422-1423). Kindle Edition.

I found certain quotations in the book such as this one to be quite worthy of reading.

Wed Jan 04, 2017 12:06 am
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Yes, I too have this book and would agree with your review. Gut instinct will lead the way. I remind myself that the xtians took many of our traditions and made them their own in an attempt to make the transition (albeit forced) easier. Therefore it is difficult to label a religious action ... each of us must be true to ourselves and do what we instinctively believe is right - once we have relearned how to live without xtianity - I do not kneel as I am no slave to any man or god, however I do ocassionally use the prayer position - a position that has been used by many cultures in prehistory prior to the abrahamic inventions. Stormr

Sat Jan 07, 2017 12:22 am
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Sadly read this book, time i will never get back.

Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:18 pm
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