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Does anyone here work with entheogens? I am trying to come up with a decent recipe to help in inducing and sustaining trance to assist in my seidr/etc practices.


Fri Apr 24, 2015 6:30 am
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I hope you had some success with your research. I would be glad to hear about your findings.

Sun May 01, 2016 3:17 am

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Vitki wrote:
Does anyone here work with entheogens? I am trying to come up with a decent recipe to help in inducing and sustaining trance to assist in my seidr/etc practices.


I have a Great suggestion which would be beneficial. Psilocybe Semilanceata with a MAOI, the Tribulus t. for example.
P. Semilanceata. is one of the Psylocybin species. But there is something worth taking note of, This species has a much larger amount of Baeocystin compared to other related entheogens (other truffels or mushrooms for example).
Baeocystin, although the non-existant documentation on its effects, has a very strong and divine visual component unlike many entheogens (similar to pure dmt). and unlike other entheogens you have a somewhat firm hold how affected you are.

A good example of this is the ability to shut off troublesome thought patterns which would have spun one into a partially self-induced phychosis on other entheogens.
So in short, on P. Semilanceata you will experience only what you can decode.
It might reach the margins on what your brain can handle but crossing the point where you are not ready to decode the new information won't happen.

I would say that the P. Semilanceata is uniquely qualified to assist you in spiritual practices like seidr.

You fast for about 12-24 hours before eating the shrooms, don't eat other foods during this time, try to keep hydrated with water but otherwise you need to fast.

Eat MAO-inhibitors during the fasting period, preferrably an hour before the actual entheogen. Remember to research any MAOI you are thinking of using in beforehand so you don't eat a MAOI that is too potent and effects you negatively.
MAOIs has the effect that it inhibits specific enzymes, some of these enzymes are meant to protect the bloodbrain barrier from foreign substances and/or substances in excess. These enzymes need to be inhibited as to allow for all the Psylocybin, Psylocin and the Baeocytin to pass through to the brain more easily. But as you can guess this leaves the passage to the brain in a vunerable state and therefore you must be careful what you eat during the fasting.

You simmer 1-3 grams of it on low heat on the stove for about 10-15 minutes with a coule of drops of lemonjuice for the masking the earthy taste (1 gram dried is the equivilent of about 25-30 dried individual mushrooms),
and when you start feeling the effects you can start your trancendal meditation.
This will last for about 6-16 hours depending on the dosage of both P. Semilanceata and the MAOIs

Worth noting:
A benefit with this entheogen would be that it has no dangerous properties if dried, when you dry them you remove the neurotoxin inside this species (which is otherwise so weak you need several hundred fresh mushrooms to notice any negative effect.)
That is less like other entheogens which can often cause dangerous conditions at a medium strength. For example how nutmeg can cause extreme drying, which can dry out your brainstem and effectively your brain.

P. Semilanceata. grows worldwide, takes less then a day to dry fresh ones and are quite easy to spot.
They have a small pointed purple cap and often grows in grazing fields.
(This is generally here you would find them, depending on the country you might find them in more unconventional place)

It is also worth noting that P. Semilanceata. has only been succesfully grown a very few times in the world in total. One of those times was in the bio-lab in the UMU University in Sweden about 10-15 years ago.
This is important to know because you will have to pick you own P. Semilanceata. But don't worry atleast, in about 1 month the P. Semilanceata starts to grow, and the season lasts until the night temperature is nearing 0 degrees celsius.

I copied the passage below to illustrate what you need to be aware of if/when using MAOIs
(Reversible are shortlasting MAOIs, 24 hours approx
Irreversible are long lasting MAOIs, lasting up to 2-3 weeks)

There are significant dangers in using MAO inhibitors.
Most MAOIs potentiate the cardiovascular effects of tyramine and other monoamines found in foods.
Ingestion of aged cheese, beer, wine, pickled herring, chicken liver, yeast, large amounts of coffee, citrus fruits, canned figs, broad beans, chocolate or cream while MAO is inhibited can cause a hypertensive crisis including a dangerous rise in blood pressure.
MAOIs interact with other psychoactive substances in addition to tryptamines; effects of amphetamines, general anaesthetics, sedatives, anti-histamines, alcohol, potent analgesics and anticholinergic and antidepressant agents are prolonged and intensified.

Overdosage of MAOIs by themselves is also possible with effects including hyperreflexia and convulsions.
It should be noted, however, that these strict warnings apply best in the case of irreversible MAOIs, and many users of reversible MAOIs to activate or potentiate tryptamines are not quite as careful with no apparent ill effects.

Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:42 pm

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I don't know much about psychedelics other than the few I've tried. Of those few, I was very pleased with the effects of the field shroom, you know the one from cow patties. My brother collected some for me. Compared to the hydroponic I once tried, the field shroom was wonderful. I didn't eat it, it made a tea mixed with green tea, which made it a nicer taste. The hydroponic I pureed and mixed into orange juice. It was awful, and due to feeling queasy the whole time, not a nice trip. Plus more mentally disturbing, while field shrooms were not.
The field shrooms felt like a more mentally intense high that you'd expect from cannabis. It had a big positive impact on my creativity, which at the time is what I had been hoping for, since I was painting. No negative side effects whatsoever, and it's about the only psychedelic I would ever consider taking at this point.
Have also tried LSD. Not bad, but weird, and the aftermath is you are totally exhausted and worn down. Not worth repeating more than a couple times, if that.

Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:09 am
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