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Where do people get magical lore 
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I am just curious where people here get their lore on the magical tradition?

From books on the subject?

From academic runology, folklore, etc?

From the eddas and sagas?

From somewhere else?

Thu Feb 12, 2009 1:29 am
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Mostly from the Eddas and Sagas.

Edred Thorrson's book is the only book on runelore that really jived with me. So many of them just have too much "Llewellynism" to them - that is to say, fluffy bunny "Majick" appeal.

Thu Feb 12, 2009 6:02 am
Edred Thorsson/Stephen flowers, Stephen Pollington, Hilda Ellis Davidson and Kveldulf Gundarson are my favorite authors on the subject and your own book, Einhverfr, will soon be added to my library...Also despite what some critics have said about him, I like the writings of Swain Wodening.

I would personally like to see more books going in depth on Northern Herb and tree lore....It would also be interesting to see more research done on Alfs, Trolls and other wights....The only work I know of on this subject was written by Kveldulf Gundarson...A very good book...But I wanted more :lol:


Thu Feb 12, 2009 1:44 pm
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Joined: Fri Nov 02, 2007 6:41 pm
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Location: Vinland, (Chelan WA)

You might be interested to note that a second edition of "Runes and Magic" by Stephen Flowers i about to go to press. It can be ordered at

I have already ordered myself a copy.

I havent read Wodening's works.


I started out with one of the more fluffy books (Lisa Peschal's "A Practical guide to the runes") and then read most of Thorsson's works. Nowadays I too pull most of my info from the Eddas and Sagas. At some point it would be interesting to compare approaches, but that is for another discussion.

Thu Feb 12, 2009 3:47 pm
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Many of the spells of the Saxons have been preserved in writing, although at times syncretic with the desert rite, dealing with the defense against elf illness and dwarf attacks and other such invisible maladies. JSTOR offers a variety of articles on the subject if you have access, and some of us have our own collections that we can share individually. Having thus spoken, I would caution against a heavy reliance upon the knowledge of those who do not know. The source of spells is not limited to sympathetic magic or imaginative conjurings. One should turn as quickly to ancestors as to neighbours to uncover esoteric practice, and only with extreme caution to the wights as their loyalties shift like the seasons. Should you have more specific desires, it is believed by some that Freya is the keeper of Siedhr. I have heard that Odin learned from her as well. How you choose to approach the Aesir and Vanir is up to you. Use caution, and never trust a god that cannot laugh.

Sat Apr 19, 2014 4:39 am
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Like anything of value, writing can show you the letters but only your spirit can reveal your true practice and application. Many sorcerers make the mistake of expecting to move fire and earth before learning to move themselves. Then, when they fail with the codes of an ancient other they assume it is not possible. Seek and ye shall find.

Sat May 03, 2014 4:44 am
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Greenrose, can you elaborate on "learning to move themselves"? I'm assuming you don't mean physically, but I'm wondering if you can explain how you think one should do this and what exactly that means.

Sat May 03, 2014 5:34 am
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To be perfectly honest on this subject from my POV, I don't "do" magic. I never have thought about it. I've never considered the things for which I have been capable as being "magic." It just IS. "Magic," to me, implies an effort to conjure something outside of an ordinary existence. Since I believe we are all capable of even the slightest forms of what some call "magic," I don't believe in it. Maybe it's because the modern portrayal of it gives it a silly connotation. Then, there are wiccans who think Harry Potter is a secret code to magick-with-a-K, and wannabe pagans play acting to make mom and dad freak out.

I spent a lot of years as a child reflecting on who I was, why I was on this Earth, where I belonged, and why the things that came natural to me were called "evil". I never put forth much effort to do anything that I did because I always felt it was just a natural part of me, like reaching out and touching a flower or hearing a cat purr or seeing a plane across the sky. These things were just more senses to add to the common 5. I was well aware that I was unique and that my friends, family, and others couldn't do them. I just didn't think it was all that strange. I conversed with what I know now to be Odin, Freyja, and Huginn and Muninn, as well as whomever the guides were in my dreams, so I just thought I was given these things as a way to communicate with them better.

The only advice I can think to give is to not think so much on it. Just do it. Just feel it and free it from your limited mind. It is already within you.

Learn from your soul and where it is taking you, not from a human who tells you that you MUST use this or that. Just because you read something in a book, it doesn't make it right for you.

I buried a lot of what I could do as a child because people taught me those things were in my head, my imagination, that they were evil and conversing with the devil and I would go to hell. They made me afraid of who I was and I forgot how to do so much. I lost the connection I once had. Maybe that's why people think they need objects to do what comes naturally to us if we are open to it. Have faith in your self and your own abilities. It will come.

Sat May 03, 2014 5:37 am
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I grew up in a strange way. When the other kids were going out to dances and doing other kid stuff, my parents had me attempting to light and extinguish candles and move pyramid shaped pieces of paper with my mind. After failing at this for sometime (they claimed they could do it but I never saw it) I became a pretty devout skeptic of all things mystical and I closed my mind to pursuit of what the subtle art can actually accomplish, which on the grand human scale is far greater than lighting a candle. I failed to start at the beginning and was trying to tackle some very high level reality. In 1999 two men, claiming to be of the Order of Hermes, came to the diner I was working at. They claimed to have come from Australia to seek me out. They gave me some very interesting reading but in my youth I squandered what opportunity I might have had to actually learn something, chalking it up to more candle lighting and paper moving. But they did ignite in me a spark. A book came into my possession, a book about Druids. I began reading it and it taught Druid spells of making and wisdom through King Arthur tales, depicting the King in his boyhood under the tutelage of Merlyn. What changed my world were the manner in which magic is described as gaining authority over a thing. Some things are easier to gain authority over. And Skuld as you know from our other conversations, I'm very dedicated to mastery of authority over myself. I believe that this is the first step. Now, I consider myself to be a beginner at these things, but I've been at it for a while and I see and hear people who claim to have amazing powers to scare, call weather, disperse spirits, and so on. But none of them ever have the ability to display these talents and most, in my personal opinion, had a great deal to learn about being an effective human. Like trying to teach an infant to drive a car before teaching them to roll over or that they have hands and feet. Once I found this base craft and began to work in earnest in gaining authority over myself (surprisingly few people have authority over themselves) I discovered a new paradigm of power. Fast forward a decade and I now can manifest this paradigm to influence things for which I have true concern. There is a threshold within my psyche and once I've reached it I suddenly know what it is that needs doing and I create incredible energy within myself. The following claims are all very real and experienced by me personally, you can't accept it as your truth because it isn't, but I can swear by the blood I'll draw for Odin that these are true events and I do so for the sake of our pursuits. I have strong deja vu and usually I not only get the feeling but am able to remember what is about to happen. I don't have control over this. It just happens when I need it to, like when you don't think about breathing. On one particular instance I was about to cross a street when I saw in my mind the woman who was driving a car and about to run me over. On instinct I jumped into the air and just as I did a woman driving a car, both like I had seen them, came flying out of a parking lot and right at me. Because I jumped and rolled I was not run over but instead leaped over the hood of her car and landed next to her driver's side door as she moved passed me. She slammed on her breaks and she rolled down her window. She was very apologetic. The only thing I could thing to say was humorous and I said "It's okay, Ma'am. I'm a Jedi." I also use this power to read minds, or more precisely, intentions and states of being. I was a bodyguard for many years and so I often got into physical confrontations. My friend's all would joke about my invulnerability. Again, by my blood to Odin. I fought an entire fraternity in a bar one night. The brawl started over a girl who was interested in me but apparently was getting married. Her fiance approached me, obviously angrily, and I said I meant no harm and apologized. Later in the evening, probably after having a few drinks to work up to it, the fiance sucker punched me and cut my face open. I dealt with the wound and then went to find him. Now you might think to kick his ***, but actually I felt a need to apologize to him again as I understood how hurt he must have felt seeing his fiance flirting with me. I found him. He didn't accept my apology. The first thing I remember is one of them breaking a bottle over my head. Then I was thrown THROUGH a wall. Then the broke a bar stool over me. That's when I decided I had to do something. I started moving and letting my instincts and the images roll. I punched and kicked and head butted and elbowed and kneed and grabbed and struck. Finally I was grabbed by about a half dozen bouncers and pushed toward the door. Someone caught me and not knowing who it was I punched them. It was a town cop. I assumed the position on the back of the squad car as ambulances started rolling up. I do say ambulances. I don't remember how many but I do remember turning around and seeing a number of men laying in the street with paramedics and EMTs attending to their wounds. Someone's arm was broken. I don't know the details of the rest. I told the cop that I wanted to press charges. He asked me where the rest of my guys were. At that moment my friend came running across the street pretending like he was going to fight. I explained what happened to the cop and told him I acted alone. He didn't believe me but told me that because I was alone and obviously it was unfair he would let me go if I went straight home. I asked to press charges again and he threatened to arrest me for assualt. I found out later that the fraternity had many volunteer fireman and also a number of individuals who were friendly with the police.

So, I've shared these experiences and I've gotten a bit long in the telling because I believe it is the best way to illustrate my meaning. My experience of magic is that it is very subtle and occurs in threshold moments, usually giving you what you need to achieve victory but not giving victory. That's for your will alone. I still experience visions and read people but lately I've started to be able to control people. I am very careful with this and I only use it to help the targets to achieve something that they want although admittedly I've lost myself and used it for my own reasons.

So to sum up, I'd say that by learning to move themselves I mean learning ones own connectivity to the source and ability to interpret it and themselves. I've looked and I've yet to find anyone able to light the candle or move the paper. I think magic is a tool for the advancement of the true self. If you use it for anything else you will be let down. There is more to this but I am tired and don't want to prattle on. Internal energy must be cultivated first and a wielder must learn to utilize that energy. I've only recently discovered a third layer of my being and learned how the flow of energy moves into and out of it. Magic in my experience is like this. It is a low level alteration that then reverberates outward within the sorcerer's field of concern and field of influence or authority.

Sat May 03, 2014 6:26 am

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i must admit, the whole 'paper moving and candle lighting' routine kind of feels a bit to new agey to me.

Tue May 20, 2014 3:50 am

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Oh Dear Greenrose, A smile spread accross my face as I read your post. I have witnessed several people with extraordinary senses of what is to come. I am one as well so I pay attention and seem to find there are many people with all kinds of gifts . Ability lift thoughts of others. To diagnose and find healing remedies. Connect with the energy of the earth. Pull water and air into movement. The ability to tap into the adrenal rush that allows you to combat many without much damage to yourself is my favorite, A berserker trait . Those who remain soo calm that they can control others and slow time it's self. Ability to transfer energy from themselves to others or pull energy. There are many more. Some traits seem to be inherited or run in family lines. Genetic in nature and nurtured or encouraged, or at the very least not discouraged. Sounds like your family had this background and encouraged yours. To see the gifts in others if a gift itself. But as I've warned others in past posts, beware of those seeking you out. Most wish to profit from your abilities. I keep my gifts fairly well covered by giving scientific reasons for things I can do. I met a fellow who can move so quickly, it can barely be observed. There are those that can release enough energy that they can start fire. People who minds are so fast they can skip past everything being said, to the conclusion. And Time travelers. They started just by moving ahead moments. These people are all around us. The observent can find them. But keep their secrets. And keep your own. Understand and cherish it. You have it for a reason. The day will come, we will be called to battle. Using many different gifts in many ways.... Stay cloaked my friend.

Thu May 22, 2014 1:06 am

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Wow. I am glad i found this thread. I too
have mystical powers and i too keep
Them concealed. I can read minds, i
can slow time, i can create future events,
Control others, dream travel, super human
strength, the list is endless. True
Magick ability is control and awareness
Of total self. Keeping your powers hidden
Is incredibly important. It can be used for
Good or evil so cultivate yourself to Higher
Ideals so you can use it to live your best and
Too help people you care about.

i have always had these abilities. The past
ten years I have been developing them. I
believe these our Odin given gifts. The Gods
seem to favour me and I honour them for
the great things in my life.


Tue Sep 01, 2015 10:27 pm
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"When the student is ready, the teacher(s) will appear."

It seems this thread is full of magical Lore- this was a great place to ask your question.

As for me, mostly from my family, but when people ask me for a good, Norse book on magic, I prefer "The Jotunbok" by Raven Kaldera and I have only read it recently (as in within the last 2 years)

Ignore any controversy surrounding the author's personal life put forward by the reconstructionist (if you have them around you)- a good book is a good book, and a man's private life does not make his wisdom invalid if it is distasteful to some.

My only suggestion is to keep an open mind towards the Rokkr/Jotunr- we respect all Gods here, most of the American community does not choose to to their folly.

Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:05 am
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Tyrienne wrote:
Ignore any controversy surrounding the author's personal life put forward by the reconstructionist (if you have them around you)- a good book is a good book, and a man's private life does not make his wisdom invalid if it is distasteful to some.

Thank you for this Tyrienne. I am frequently guilty of doing exactly that. I find much of Kaldera's writings very insightful but find myself judging his wisdom based on his personal life and the controversy surrounding him. I need to put more effort into separating the two.

Thu Sep 03, 2015 11:58 am
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