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Casting The Runes 
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Hail Brothers!

Im a quite freshman in casting the runes, therefore I would like to ask for some advise.
In the book - Discovering Runes by Bob Oswald is writen " Draw the runes one at a time and place them on the field. Never turn the runes - place them exactly as they come to hand on the field. Whether they are upright or reversed (i.e. upside down or right way up), and whether they appear converse or obverse (i.e. face down or face up) may make a difference to the meaning."
In other hand in - The Rune Book by Ralph Blum there is no mention about conversed runes (i.e. face down)
Could you explain me which method of rune reading would be the most precise?
All options are welcome!

Fri Nov 13, 2009 6:57 am
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the proper way to read runes,is how they fall,or how they turn up. just as our destiny is yet to happen,it isnt controlled by us,but descisions we make have bearing on it. if you control how the runes fall,or turn up,your giving yourself a false sense of security. just because a rune falls up-side-down,doesnt mean its a bad thing,and turning it right-side-up,could actually impeede an important descision you would have made,pertaining to yourself,and effecting your destiny in a negative way.

3 runes should be read. mix your rune stones up,and pick 3 blindly from a bag. one by one,put them down,face-up in a row. the far left is your past,middle your present,far right the future.

if you have runes on bones,or spheres,the runes should be drawn or carved around it in the same pattern,so when they are cast,the runes face will always show.

if u cast tablets,and the rune is face down,then its unreadable.

the art of casting is for bones and spheres.
when dealing with rune tabs,with flat faces,place all the runes on a large flat stone face down,mix them up,and turn over 3.......the first is past,the second present,the last future.

Mon Nov 30, 2009 10:00 pm

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This is one of those things that can be done many ways, if my understanding is correct. Some people will tell you to not worry if a rune is right side up or upside down, some will.

Sun Dec 13, 2009 4:37 am

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Its like learning anything. Don't expect for magic to happen right away when you first start using them. It will come with time if you start with a proper foundation.

First try and read the rune poems and get a solid understanding what they stand for. Some books will give you a "cheat sheet" with 3 word descriptions of each runes meaning, but you will not learn anything that way. I started out by meditating on each runes meaning. I wouldn't move to the next rune until I have finish with the one before.

Travels with Runes is a good book for rune meditation

There are some pretty complex ways to cast runes. It is strictly a personally thing and you have to find what works for you.

I would still consider myself an apprentice and only pull 3 and it does not matter how they come out of the bag. And for me they mean Past, Present, Future or Problem, Cause, Solution or Outcome. I will only cast once too.

Fri Jan 22, 2010 4:29 am
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