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Casting runes 
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Odin created/summoned the runes from the Askahic records. The key of using these runes is visualization! For example the rune Y is for protection of the ethereal body. Visualizing the rune inside of your body or outside of your body in what color you prefer and spiraling around your psychical body creates a field of protection. The rune must always have a purpose, for the rune to work at its best you have to first set a goal for the rune, protecting your self for example is a great purpose.

The elder futhark are a great set of runes to cast. Runes are beings/elementals so be careful when using them, if you use them with a good purpose the runes are your best friends. If you use them to harm others like the rune "possession" that you can influence in a bad way even a human being and you will end up harming yourself instead.


1. Chose a rune from the elder futhark then set a purpose in mind for the rune.
2. Visualize the rune with your third eye or the "minds" eye and cast it in front of yourself and let it spiral clock wise.
3. Command the rune to work for how many hours/days you want, the runes listen they are there to work for you!
4. Use your heart to establish a connection with a rune if you want to see the true elemental behind the rune.
5. Passion and believe in your runes makes the warrior within and makes the runes stronger than ever. Using your 7 chakras/voids you can channel the energy in the rune you cast.
6. You are human, you feel that and you create the world around you! The universe provides your mental sphere and you have unlimited potential for what you can do with runes.
7. You must love the universe and talk with the universe inside of you for the runes to recognize you as a true guardian of this planet.

Odin used this runes in battle and even in the daily life. He found that love was the connection with nature and the runes. A rune can manifest in the spiritual and can manifest in the psychical as well. Depending on what you want to do with them. You can even materialize a rune if the situation requires but this is another gate that Odin reached in the past. The true mastery of runes is you protecting the balance of this planet!

Thank you! hope i can help clear some things about what runes are and how to use them.

Wed Feb 06, 2013 3:02 pm
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I do not wholly agree with your interpretation. Violence and chaos are necessary for growth and development. You were brought into the world violently, as we all are. Our existence guarantees we have spilled the blood of our mothers.

Wed Feb 06, 2013 6:26 pm
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I've seen no indication whatsoever that using runes in an offensive manner ends with the rune caster being harmed. In fact a number of runes are particularly well suited to exactly that: offensive use.

Also it is a little inconsistent to claim that runes should only be used for "love and light", and yet claim they should be used to maintain a balance, when maintaining a balance would include dark use as well.

Wed Feb 06, 2013 8:01 pm

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The rune caster might be harmed not by the runes itself, but by cause end effect. If you do something that brakes the Balance than your purpose on this planet might not be completed and you will have to reincarnate again for the same purpose, for the cycle to complete your evolution. I agree that chaos is necessary that's why Ragnarok is necessary.

Ragnarok establishes chaos and after that comes the order then the cycle repeat's itself for the evolution of the humans/planet/universe/universes . Akasha, Allhala and all the 9 planes of existence are made from chaos and order. They where made to be used in all the 9 planes of existence.

Dark and light are just an invention of our century. The nature and elements have 2 parts, active and passive. The active part is the creative one, the passive one is the destructive one. what *decisions you make in your life influences the past present and future.

You can use the runes actively or passively. Everyone has a free will so are the runes, if used for the incorrect purpose it might not be what you want depending on what purpose has your soul.
The rune set that Odin summoned and brought to the human kind is especially for the balance of the planet. Other symbols or runes are made with different purposes. You can even discover your own rune set ore make one.

In front of Allhala the soul choses his purposes in life before he incarnates here. Discovering what you chosed before your incarnation here will help you reach your goals. That's up to us to study our ego and self or dark and light.

Choosing do to something that its not what you wanted before incarnating here as a human, will affect your other dimensional self's in another life or plane of existence. Chosing wisely our actions with runes and magic will bring evolution to our souls. If we lower our etheric body and our mental sphere, we go down in the pasive spheres that connects us with the passive planes of ego existence. Going to up in the superior planes of self existence connects us to our active spheres. Mastering both ego and self is the key to what you truly want in your life's. The true Balance is in the middle of the ego and self.

Thank you!

Thu Feb 07, 2013 2:28 am
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Light and dark are constructs as old as the worlds themselves, not of this last century. Note I said light and dark, not "good and evil".

If you are concerned with the balance, then you must also recognize that causing harm is at times necessary to any balance. Causing harm does not necessarily mean causing chaos, either. That's a rather simplistic way of looking at things, and maybe a good way to put it to initiates and whatnot, but eventually one discovers things are not so binary.

Let me use a physical example so it is easy to follow.
Imagine the days of, say, the Son of Sam killer or the like. He's causing major harm to people and chaos in the surrounding city. Say someone gets the opportunity and blows his brains out. They certainly did great harm to him, however they, in causing that harm, ended the harm he was doing, and created much order int he city.

We can't just go about shitting sweetness and light, that's for an age we do not live in.

Thu Feb 07, 2013 2:26 pm

Joined: Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:35 am
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Light and dark are the same thing, believe in anything as long as you make the correct decisions in your life. Odin brings much more than sweetness and light, remember that not all things in life are what they seem to be, my friend. I'm happy that you answer things to my thoughts. Even if living in an age that is filled with excess of passiveness, its up to us to balance the active and passive. The Great Balance resides on both of the axis and forth of the axis. All elements and things in life work there way to the middle by evolving. For you to be one with all and know what you truly can offer to the people and the universe, you must accept all answers and all questions as they are, accept the things in life and embrace them, with light dark or whatever path you may fallow.Thank you for this moment time.

Thu Feb 14, 2013 1:36 am
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