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Younger Futhark and Icelandic 
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I have recently been looking into the Younger Futhark, and learning a bit more about these streamlined Runes. I have used the Elder Futhark Runes for many years, and have made a wonderful set for myself. I have used the Elder Runes as these are an older tradition, but as I have been trying to learn Icelandic, I have found that Icelandic transcribes easier to the younger runes. Noting that Icelandic is the closest traditional language to old norse, I have sought to learn it to enhance my rune use. Icelandic is an Western Norse Language, and I would believe the the Elder Futhark might transcribe better to the Eastern old Norse language. It is my understanding that a working knowledge of Icelandic would enable one to converse with the elder ancestors, with some variation, and changes, but that one could be understood by the other.

I have looked at Edred Thorsons resources that include the Younger Futhark, and have learned that the streamlining of the runes included blending several old runes properties together, in some single runes. But I have yet to see the younger runes speak to me as strongly as the Elder Runes, and it is the same with the other Futharks. But the door way was opened to me with the Younger Runes, so I am looking to create, and Galdor a set fo these runes as well.

Another Note, coming from an English language tradition, I am having a few struggles with Icelandic, as there are several letters and sounds not used in English. However, I find something familliar in the language that strikes home. I also have recognized a few words as well, that are not in English.

As Cermonial Magic has Enochian, the language of the Angels, if one is to accept that John Dee and Edward Kelly were on the square, for the Western Traditional magic set, I believe our sacred languages to be our ancestral ones. I have studied Scots Gaelic, and Irish Gaelage, to a minor degree, and I also have studied German. Of Course we in Vinland America, speak English, a descendant of many languages, for me, Old Norse would be a language of magical intent. Whiel I also believe using the Runes with English works well, as it is the intent and charater of the runes that speak, I wish to understand them in a traditional way, and use them with a traditional language. It seems to me, this would make more sense. A language the Runes were made from.

Now, of course, I believe the Elder Runes o speak more to me, and are more primordal, I have yet to find a great modern source for Old Norse language courses. And to be even more correct, I have never found a source for the earliest Indo European Proto Languages either... ;-)

I have no problem using English with the runes, but as noted, I have a feeling I may beneift more from a more traditional base of language to use with a more traditional set of runes that match it. I still however also believe that the Elder runes speak more to me, but have been guided to look into the younger runes, and study Icelandic. Does anyone have any thoughts on Icelandic and the Younger Futhark? I am well versed in teh Elder. The younger is new to me.

Sun Aug 12, 2007 4:35 pm
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I have always been drawn to the Younger Futhark? I cannot explain the reason.

I should mention that some old members used the runes in a rather unusual way. They did not cast them to divine the future--they used them is a ritual that made the dead speak the answers....

Tacitus, is Germania, alludes to this technique.

Sun Aug 12, 2007 11:44 pm
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The runes themselves are key to the nature of all things. I believe if mastered, like a DNA code, or basic building blocks of all things, they are the nature of the very fabric of reality. Magically speaking, I believe if mastered, they create things into being as well as define the very nature of all that is around or within us. I had not noted that note in Tacitus, but will indeed keep that in mind from this point forward.

I would suggest that the following Elder Futhark Runes may be perhaps best utilized for that pupose, perhaps as a bind rune: (EI) Eihwaz, the rune of the rune of Yggdrassil and for communication with the dead, (P) Perthro, good for Conatacting spirits, (M) Mannaz, the rune of communication, may be best utilized in that capacity.

Other possible runes to consider may well be: (L) Laguz, the rune of water and of dream communication, (E) Ehwaz, the rune of Shamanic Journey, (R) Raidho, connected to Shamanic Journeys, (K) or (C) Kenaz Connected to Astral Travel, (H) Hagalaz connected to Hel, (N) Nauthis, connected to the future Norn Skuld, and perhaps (NG) Ingwaz, the rune of Astral doorways and journeys.

While perhaps it is the intent that may make it so, I wish the ritual itself was recorded. With teh study of the runes however, we may well expect the runes themselves to teach the way, if so tried.

Tue Aug 14, 2007 4:47 am
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