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Aristocracy and the Runes 
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I've been browsing over the elder Edda, specifically Rigsthula, and since doing so I've come across these insights:

Earl is born(swathed in silk) to a highly refined family as well as having Heimdall as a father, whom goes forth to find and teach Earl the runes(note he did not do this for Thrall and Karl). Thrall and Karl weren't versed or skilled in runic Lore and were excluded from the mysteries. Therefore according to the elder edda, one is chosen by the gods to be initiated into the inner runic mysteries, based upon some sort of previous merit or noble standing.

In light of this information, it would seem the runes work at different magnitudes for different people according to their particular merit or virtue.. Not to say one can't accumulate what is necessary by arcane means, this is just how it's recorded in the lore. Ultimately I'm of the thought that runes are the holy heritage of all heirs of Heimdall, being a technology given to or kenned by those who are capable, ready, suited and worthy. Truly, the unworthy exclude themselves.

Sat Oct 29, 2016 12:54 am
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Pure self-knowledge is a form of human insanity. Self-satisfaction, that is to say, living in accordance with your instinct and imagination... that is a good attempt to pierce the veil. How might Odin have avoided madness when drinking ? He knew enough to understand the words and follow their meanings to divine truth. Runes are but one way. Our eyes interpret them, just as they give us opinions about everything else.

Odin as written about is certainly an aristocrat of his times, and he dares know the language he uses is powerful. To steal from the zoroastrians.. good thoughts, good words, good deeds. Good words have the power to inspire as an aristocracy should inspire its people. Seek out a society where aristocracy might be allowed to exist and you will find a society living in accordance with.

Consider the words.. and these are my intepretations after reading a little too much.. but here is the power structure....

Yarl (Earl, Earlier form of Aristocracy - "Imperials") - these represent ancient tribal power.
Few Karls (Rulers - Administrators - Ceasars)
Many Thralls (Enthralled.. means enslaved, in one essence, this means.. under the yoke of the Yarl but following directions of the Karl)

The Earls (rulers of a region) give the Carls authority to Administrate their region's peoples (The Enthralled.. Plebians in another language)

P.s. Forgive me for I care little for runes and care more for words. Runes are simplistic deciders to me, they make sense or not.

Sun Dec 04, 2016 11:56 am
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Maybe awareness of bridges gang:

- Homophones, words of similar or same vibration-
- Ailm, the Holy Cross, Nordic Cross flags
- In consideration of Mjölnir: Environmental Iron, Blood Iron (Hemoglobin), Fe, Faith (in Spanish), Fey, the Faery Triad- In consideration of Mjölnir
- In consideration of Bifröst: the spectrum as white light composed ROYGBIV

Thu Dec 08, 2016 5:41 pm
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